How to turn homemade pie into a chic dessert

A delicious, hearty pie does not always need additional decor, but if you need to put it on a festive table, there is nowhere without decoration. The appearance of the dish is very important for the appetite. How and with what can you decorate homemade pies and diversify their taste?

Changing the taste of the dough

Substitute half of the cake flour for cocoa powder and add a cup of melted dark chocolate. The baked goods will acquire a rich chocolate flavor, and the cake will become slightly damp.


Substitute a third of the flour in the recipe with matcha powder. Powdered green tea has a rich composition and rich taste. It will also give the cupcake an unusual color.

Add almonds, coconut or orange zest to a regular standard biscuit, the taste of the cake will sparkle with new colors. 

Cream or milk can be substituted for citrus fruit juice. You need to compensate for the sour taste with an additional portion of sweetness – sugar or syrup.

Sweet tarts love spices like cinnamon, nutmeg, ginger, cardamom, and even cayenne pepper.

Add the frozen bananas to the butter after dipping them in flour. They will make the cake taste more delicate and unusual.

Change the look

The simplest and quickest decoration for a sweet cake is fruits and berries. These can be baked bananas, citrus pieces, figs and other beautiful dried fruits. Lay out the composition and fill with caramel – never get bored!

Chocolate ganache is another win-win option. In addition, everyone loves chocolate – both adults and children. It is prepared quickly from melted chocolate, butter and a thickener.

Whipped cream, if you have any in your fridge, is generally the fastest way to decorate a pie, especially if guests are on the doorstep and it’s time to set the table.

Caramel, for the preparation of which, for the most part, only sugar and water are needed. Depending on the density of the caramel, you can create a quick but interesting decor. In caramel, you can also cook pieces of fruit for decorating a sweet cake.

Chocolate Chips – Grated chocolate can hide cracked crust or other top flaws. You can also use chopped nuts and berries with crumbs.

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