8 our mistakes when choosing wine

Not all of us have even basic knowledge of a sommelier, but we accept advice from supposedly knowledgeable people or absorb information from the Internet. Making the wrong choice can be frustrating. What are the top tips and misconceptions to avoid when choosing a grape drink?

Good wine is expensive wine

A quality drink does not have to be expensive. Pricing is influenced by the grape variety, the conditions of wine production, and the geography, and the distance or complexity of transportation. In addition, many trusted manufacturers make several lines of their product, including budget ones, and not necessarily bad ones. Don’t take the cost of wine to heart.


The best single-varietal wines

Connoisseurs believe that supposedly mono-taste is something that true connoisseurs should enjoy. But some wines are created specifically from several types and varieties of raw materials, where each component complements each other. Sometimes these wines taste much brighter and richer.

The counterfeit is sealed with a screw plug

Natural wine cork gives the bottle of wine status and nobility. But this does not at all speak about the exceptional quality of the wine. Some manufacturers reduce the cost of the product, and it is recommended that such a cork does not become a breeding ground for harmful bacteria, unlike cork.

High quality semi-sweet wine

Sugar is mainly added to wine, not to add flavor, but to hide flaws and imperfections. Of course, there are exceptions, but still choosing a quality product is higher than the chances among the line of dry and semi-dry wines. And for those with a sweet tooth, rose wine is ideal.

Wine for food

There is a lot of information in the literature and the network about which wine, which dishes are ideal. And the tastes of customers are not important – take red for meat, white for fish. But the modern assortment of wines allows you not to limit yourself to these frameworks and to choose wine according to your taste, rather than picking it up for a meal.

Modest label – good wine

Colorful bright talking labels are supposedly created in order to attract a buyer and quickly get rid of a low-quality product. But some good brands have their own individual style of design, and bright, memorable – including. Skilled marketers work in different companies and create label designs of their customer’s choice.

A sediment precipitates in colored wine

The sediment is considered to be a sign of low-grade wine tinted with artificial colors. However, during the aging process of the wine, sediment can also form – even in the highest quality drink. It comes from natural grape dyes and tannins. The sediment in this case is a sign of high quality, and not vice versa.

Old wine – quality wine

There are wines that require ripening, a natural aging time, after which they actually change their taste for the better. But some lines of wine are designed to be drunk young, and over time they only lose their taste or oxidize. Therefore, the age of a wine is not always a necessary guideline when choosing it.

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