10 vegan books for little ones

Our readers often ask us where you can find vegetarian fairy tales for children and do they exist in Russian translation? Yes, they exist, and what’s more, they can be downloaded completely free of charge in the social media group called VEGAN BOOKS & MOVIES. These are books for both the youngest readers and their older comrades. Happy reading!

Ruby Roth “This is why we don’t eat animals”

The first children’s book to give a sincere and compassionate look at the emotional life of animals and their plight on industrial farms. A colorful description of pigs, turkeys, cows and many other animals introduces the young reader to the world of veganism and vegetarianism. These cute animals are shown both in freedom – hugging, sniffing and loving each other with all their family instincts and rituals – and in the sad conditions of livestock farms.

The book explores the effect eating animals have on the environment, rainforests and endangered species, and suggests steps kids can take to learn more about vegetarian and vegan lifestyles. This insightful work is a key source of information for parents who want to talk to their children about the current and important issue of animal rights.

Ruby Roth is an artist and illustrator based in Los Angeles, California. A vegan since 2003, she first discovered children’s interest in vegetarianism and veganism while teaching art to an afterschool elementary school group.

Chema Lyora “Dora the Dreamer”

Cats and cats from all over the world dream of climbing the moon … but not everyone can do it, but the cat Fada, which little Doma took from a shelter, was able to do it. This is a story about friendship, love for animals and dreams that come true in life, you just have to share them with true friends.

Ruby Roth Vegan Means Love

In Vegan Means Love, writer and illustrator Ruby Roth introduces young readers to veganism as a way of life filled with compassion and action. Expanding on the approach expressed by the author in the first book, Why We Don’t Eat Animals, Roth demonstrates how our daily actions affect the world locally and globally by explaining to children what they can do today to protect animals, the environment and people on the planet.

From the food we eat to the clothes we wear, from the use of animals for entertainment to the benefits of organic farming, Roth highlights the many opportunities we can take to live in kindness. Armed with her gentle directness, Roth tackles the controversial subject with all the necessary care and sensitivity, presenting in sharp focus what she phrases with the words “put our love into actions.”

Her message goes beyond purely nutritional philosophy to embrace the personal experiences of people – big and small – and envision a more sustainable and compassionate world of the future.

Anna Maria Romeo “Vegetarian Frog”

Why did the main character of this story, a toad, become a vegetarian? Perhaps he had good reasons for this, even though his mother did not agree with him.

A touching story about how a little hero was not afraid to defend his views in front of dad and mom.

Judy Basu, Delhi Harter “Coat of Arms, Vegetarian Dragon”

The dragons in Nogard Forest love nothing more than raiding the Dark Castle and stealing princesses from there for dinner. So do all but one. The coat of arms is not like the others… He is happy tending his garden, he is a vegetarian. That’s why it’s so sad that he’s destined to be the only one caught during the big dragon hunt. Will he be fed to royal alligators?

Written by acclaimed American director, screenwriter and producer of children’s cartoons, Jules Bass, and beautifully illustrated by Debbie Harter, this heartwarming story raises interesting questions about accepting other people’s lifestyles and being open to change.

Henrik Drescher “Buzan Hubert. A Vegetarian Tale”

Hubert is a paunch, and paunches do not have time to grow up to be adults. Instead, they are transported to a meatpacking plant, where they are turned into TV dinners, microwave sausages, and other fatty foods while still young. Nothing goes to waste. Even squeals.

But Hubert manages to escape. In the wild, it feasts on succulent grass, exotic orchids, and skunk cabbages. The more he eats, the more he grows. The more it grows, the more it eats. Hubert soon becomes the biggest paunch since ancient times. And now he must fulfill his destiny.

Handwritten and illustrated by Henrik Drescher, Puzan Hubert is a whimsical and unique tale of responsibility that falls on the shoulders of true giants. This is an amazing fairy tale for rebellious children and teenagers.

Alicia Escriña Valera “The Melon Dog”

The dog Dynchik lived on the street. He was kicked out of the house for being the color of a melon, and no one wanted to be friends with him.

But one day our hero finds a friend who loves him for who he is. After all, every homeless animal is worthy of love and care. A touching story about how a dog found a loving family and home.

Miguel Sauza Tavarez “Mystery of the River”

An instructive story about the friendship of a village boy and a carp. Once a carp lived in an aquarium, he was well fed, so he grew up big and strong, and he was also talked to a lot. So the carp learned the human language, but it can speak only on the surface, under water the miracle ability disappears, and our hero communicates only in fish language … A wonderful story about true friendship, devotion, mutual assistance.

Rocío Buso Sanchez “Say it for me”

Once a boy named Oli was having lunch with his grandmother, and then a piece of meat on a plate spoke to him … A story about how the insight of one little person can change the world around him, about the life of calves on a farm, motherly love and compassion. This is a story about the horrors of animal husbandry, meat and milk production, told in the form of a fairy tale. Recommended for older children. 

Irene Mala “Birji, bird girl … and Lauro”

Birji is an unusual girl and hides a big secret. Her friend Lauro also held a surprise. Together, they will use their quirks to help little rabbits escape their cages in the lab.

The first book by Irene Mala is about the important lessons that life teaches us, about the value of friendship and love for animals.

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