How to save a burnt dish

Being multitasking and doing multiple tasks at the same time is a common thing at the current pace of life. Sometimes, of course, this leads to the fact that one of the things can be overlooked, for example, a dish prepared on the stove will take and burn. Of course, the only thing that can be done in this situation is to simply throw the dish into the trash can. But, if the situation is not so dire, then there may be options.

Burnt soup

If you were cooking thick soup and it burned, turn off the heat as quickly as possible and pour the soup into another container. Most likely, no one will even notice that something is wrong with the soup.

The milk burned


Burnt milk should also be quickly poured into another container, and to minimize the burning smell, it must be quickly filtered through cheesecloth several times. You can also add a little salt.

Meat and dishes from it burnt

Remove the pieces of meat from the dishes as quickly as possible and trim off the burnt crusts. Place the meat in a clean bowl with broth, add a lump of butter, tomato sauce, spices and onions.

Burnt rice

As a rule, rice burns only from the bottom, but the smell of burnt permeates absolutely everything. To get rid of it, pour such rice into another container and put a crust of white bread in it, cover with a lid. After 30 minutes, the bread can be removed, and the rice can be used as intended.

Burnt custard

Pour the custard into another container and add lemon zest, cocoa or chocolate to it.

Burnt pastries

If it is not completely damaged, then just cut off the burnt part with a knife. Decorate the cuts with icing, cream or powdered sugar.

Burnt milk porridge

Transfer the porridge to another pan as quickly as possible and, adding milk, cook until tender, stirring constantly.

And remember – the sooner you notice that the dish is burnt, the easier it will be to save it!

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