How to make wine vinegar at home

An indispensable ingredient for salad dressings, sauces and a wonderful addition to fish and meat dishes – wine vinegar. It is spicy, original and able to decorate your dishes and surprise guests. It is very simple to prepare it and will not be any hassle, remember!

Recipe. Take a bottle of red or white wine, treat yourself to a glass, another, but the remaining ¾ of the contents of the bottle, close the cork and leave at room temperature on the table. Just open and close the plug every day, every other day. Thus, keep the bottle in the kitchen for about two weeks, after pouring the finished wine vinegar, together with the formed sediment, into a glass container.

Storage. You can store wine vinegar for a very long time, from time to time it only enhances its flavor notes and aroma.

How to diversify the taste. Add aromatic herbs, lemon peels or garlic to a bottle of wine vinegar. You will have flavored wine vinegar.


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