How to return color if white things turn gray

How to return color if white things turn gray

If one day you notice that things are no longer as snow-white as they used to be, you should not be upset. There are many opportunities to remedy the situation. What to do if white things turn gray, and how to return them to their original freshness? Forget about chlorine bleach! You can find more gentle ways and get great results.

What to do if white things turn gray

How to bring gray things back to white

Whitening can involve two stages: preparation and washing. Manufacturers of numerous products promise to make the fabric snow-white, but you don’t want to experiment and risk your favorite things. Before using this or that powder or paste, it is worth reading reviews and checking them on a small area. Folk wisdom and experience offer several recipes for fabric-safe bleaching:

  • if you dilute 5 liters of hydrogen peroxide in 0,05 liters, you need to soak the laundry in this solution for several hours, not forgetting to periodically turn it over;
  • clothes made of any fabric can be rubbed with laundry soap, put in a plastic bag, tightly closed and left for a day;
  • for two hours, clothes are soaked in soapy water with the addition of ammonia and peroxide, taken in 1 tbsp. l. For subsequent washing, it is recommended to use oxygen bleach;
  • Gray white cotton items can be boiled with constant stirring in a solution consisting of laundry soap or hand wash powder, salt and soda. There should always be water in the container, the digestion time is about half an hour.

When choosing a bleaching method, it is imperative to take into account what material the products are made of. Such extreme types of clothing as boiling should be used as little as possible.

How to wash gray white clothes

After pre-bleaching, automatic or hand wash can be used. If the water is too hard, add a little ammonia to it. Also, when washing, you need to add the bleach used for soaking to the powder. In this case, you need to follow several rules:

  • wash white linen separately from color;
  • use special powders for white clothes;
  • when washing synthetics, use optical brighteners;
  • washing powders must be changed periodically;
  • white clothes should be washed frequently to avoid heavy contamination.

Special attention should be paid to synthetic and delicate fabrics. If there is even the slightest doubt about the effect of bleach on the material, it is better to wash it with laundry soap.

Choosing the right bleach and detergent will increase the life of your garments and restore their color, freshness and whiteness. Even if the desired result did not work the first time, repeat the procedure or change the bleach. Almost always it turns out to revive their faded things.

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