How not to burn out in the New Year’s fuss: prepare in advance

In order not to be nervous looking at the calendar, it is best to prepare for the New Year in advance. These tips will help you not to fuss and approach the New Year in an organized way.

Make lists

Are you afraid to forget to do something before the New Year? Write it down! Make several lists, such as important things to do, work to do, family things to do. Do these tasks gradually and be sure to cross them off the list as you complete them. It is best to set a time for the completion of these tasks. This will help organize you and your time.

Also include the item “Go for gifts” in this list.

Make a gift list

This should go on a separate list. Write down all the people you would like to buy Christmas gifts for, an approximate gift, and a place where you can get it. It will not be necessary to buy exactly what you wrote down initially, but this way you can at least approximately understand what you want to give to this or that person. 

Choose a day to go shopping

Now this list needs to be slowly implemented. To do this, choose a day when you go to the store for gifts or make them yourself. If you want to wrap gifts, consider whether you want to do it yourself or if it’s easier for you to give it to wrapping. In the first case, buy everything you need: paper, ribbons, bows, and more.

In addition, if you make a list of gifts in advance, you can order some of them online and not worry that they will not be in the store.

Choose a day to decorate the apartment

If you are a visual and want to create a festive atmosphere at home, but there is practically no time for this, set a day or set aside some time for this in advance. For example, on Saturday morning you go for decorations, and on Sunday morning you decorate the house. It is important to do this exactly at the scheduled time so that you do not get nervous later because you did not do it.

Set aside time for general cleaning

On the morning of December 31, everyone without exception begins to clean the apartments. You can keep cleaning to a minimum by doing a deep cleaning ahead of time. If you do this, then on the 31st you will only need to wipe the dust.

If you don’t like to clean up or don’t have time at all, use the services of cleaning companies.

Make a New Year’s menu and buy some products

The prospect of standing in huge queues on December 31 is not very bright. To reduce the need to rush around the shops on a holiday, make a New Year’s menu in advance. Think about what kind of snacks, drinks, salads and hot dishes you want to cook and make a list of products. Some foods can be bought well in advance, such as canned or frozen peas, corn, potatoes, chickpeas, and some drinks.

If you don’t like to cook and want to order a New Year’s Eve dinner at home, it’s time to do it, since ready-made food delivery services are already full of orders.

Choose a New Year’s outfit

If you are celebrating in a large company, think in advance about what you will wear. In addition, if you have children with you, you should take care of their costumes by asking what they want to wear to the holiday. 

Think New Year’s Eve Activities

This applies not only to New Year’s Eve, when you need to entertain guests and households with something other than eating goodies, but also New Year’s holidays. Think about what you want to do during the holidays. Make a rough list of activities such as skating, skiing, going to museums or theaters. Maybe you want to go somewhere outside the city? Watch New Year’s excursions or choose the day when you go on a trip by car, train or plane. In general, make your holidays eventful. 

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