How I struggled with excess weight … before macrobiotics

Jeanne Beveridge, a certified teacher and macro chef, instructor of kundalini yoga, was obsessed with her excess weight before she got acquainted with the teachings of macrobiotics – she constantly fought with it. Jeanne came to nutrition in accordance with the principles of macrobiotics following the example of a friend

I was raised on the standard American diet. My ideas about health fully complied with the standards accepted in Western society and were very far from the laws and principles of nature that surrounds us.

Throughout my life, I rushed from one diet to another, being in an ongoing struggle with extra pounds. I tried to keep abreast of all the latest “news” in the field of health and experienced them with enthusiasm. At the same time, I went in for sports at least five times a week for two hours to burn extra calories and still fit into my favorite jeans.

Sometimes I overeat. And then I added 2,5 kg over the weekend! Monday for me began with depression and a diet that was supposed to rid me of new excess weight … This cycle was endless and exhausting. And then – when I crossed the 30-year mark and got two children – it just became more difficult.

My weight slowly added and added, and I ate less and less. Although it did not give any results. My blood sugar was going crazy, so I had to eat a little something every three hours. If I forgot to add sugar to the blood, then my condition began to deteriorate rapidly. For several years I had to constantly carry a bottle of juice with me wherever I went. I had problems with digestion, my skin was constantly itchy, dry and covered with rashes.

Emotionally, I was very unstable, because the hormonal system was completely out of balance. I did my best to remain calm, but even this exhausted me psychologically. I was irritated by everyday activities, at night I did not sleep well. This is how my life has become. And I didn’t like her. But my doctor considered me a healthy person, according to others, I was in good shape. And I was uncomfortable in my own body.

A good friend told me about macrobiotics, but at first I did not listen to her. I remember how she told me that she began to feel great, and at the same time she was all glowing. But it seemed to me that I was already healthy enough, and therefore did not want to try something new.

This friend and I went through a pregnancy at the same time, and our babies were born just one week apart. During these nine months, I watched her blossom more and more, and after giving birth, her body quickly returned to its former wonderful forms. For me, those 40 weeks were completely different. By the fifth month, I had developed gestational diabetes, was placed on retention, and for the last trimester, I had preterm contractions every time I got up.

I gained twice as much weight as my friend, although I constantly carefully monitored my portions and controlled blood sugar levels. I consciously chose to eat according to American standards, followed the latest protein diet and followed the instructions of a nutritionist. I had no idea that it was food that was the key to understanding the difference between our condition.

Over the next two years, my friend looked younger and younger, she blossomed. And I was aging rapidly, my energy level was zero compared to hers. After the birth of the child, she very quickly returned to her previous form, and I … It seems that I began to lose the fight against being overweight.

At the age of 35, completely desperate, I nevertheless became a macrobiota. Literally in one night. It felt like I was jumping off a cliff into the unknown. From a life of protein, low calories, low fat and sugar, I moved on to a life where you didn’t have to read labels to find out the obvious. Everyone had to make natural ingredients.

Overnight, products that no longer had the right to be called that were replaced with whole grains, most of which I had never even tried. I learned that there is a whole world of vegetables that I had not heard about before. I was amazed at the power that whole foods have when I began to study the energy they contain and generate. And I was amazed how now with the help of food I can control the result. 

Now I have gained control over how I felt – physically and mentally. There were no more days when I was ruled by a stomach, a headache, emotional instability and a huge list of other uncomfortable conditions that I had regularly experienced before. My reward was not only that now the problem of being overweight is a thing of the past, but also that I have become healthier and my life filled with happiness.

When I followed other diets, I had to focus on calorie counting and ingredient information. I constantly had to read the composition of everything and everything, this made my brain boil. Now all this information means nothing to me, now I see that the benefits and purpose of products can be understood through their energy and the balance that we can create with its help.

I learned how to use food to change the state of the mind and body, how to achieve the desired result. Now I go through stressful situations differently, now it’s much easier for me to manage my life – without “extreme” products that take me out of a state of harmony. Now I am a much more calm and balanced person.

My body has undergone amazing changes. At first, it didn’t take so many kilograms, but still I decreased in size. It was strange when the scales showed that only three kilograms had gone in the first month, but I was already wearing pants three sizes smaller than before. There was a feeling that I was like a balloon from which the air was released. Over the next few months, all my extra pounds disappeared and a new slim me appeared in the world. My pains and problems were gone and my skin started to glow.

My new fortune gave me a new freedom – now I did not have to worry about portion size and calorie count. I just followed the principles of macrobiotics, and my figure did not cost me much effort. It’s amazing how, by getting whole grains and a new set of vegetables, my body began to shrink. I could eat way more than ever and still stay lean.

Now I had to do much less, but in general I became more active. Now being overweight is not a problem for me. I’m in perfect shape. I discovered yoga and found that the strength and flexibility it creates within me is great for my lifestyle. My body has changed over time and has become something I never even dreamed of. I look younger than 10 years ago. Now I am comfortable in my body, I like how I feel.

On the macrobiotic journey, I have met many people who struggle with their weight. I have become a mentor and I am happy with what I see. I have witnessed how many people accept the principles of macrobiotics and their bodies are transformed.

When they start eating whole grains and vegetables, their bodies finally get the nutrition they really need, and then the extra weight, the old stores, begin to melt away. People lose weight, the skin becomes smoother and more elastic, bags under the eyes and wrinkles disappear, cholesterol and blood sugar level out, high blood pressure returns to normal, chronic diseases recede, emotional imbalance goes away. And watching it is wonderful!

To stay fit and lose weight naturally, follow these simple rules:

– switch to macrobiotic principles and cooking techniques;

– remember to chew well, food must become liquid before you swallow it;

– find time for food – to sit quietly and enjoy your food;

– drink drinks separately from meals;

– drink only warm and hot drinks;

– Use a body scrub.

Find the freedom that a macrobiotic gives your body! Enjoy a long and happy life!

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