Horoscope for 2024: Scorpio
The Year of the Dragon brings us good luck and the opportunity to find peace. The Wood Dragon is a symbol of life, nourishing, shaping and very energetic. What awaits the representatives of the sign of Scorpio in all areas of life, we will tell in the horoscope for 2024

In 2024, Scorpios will be successful in all endeavors. Also, the Green Dragon will bring a flurry of positive emotions to the representatives of this zodiac sign and give a sea of ​​useful acquaintances.

However, do not relax – small tests will help you keep yourself in good shape. What awaits Scorpio men and women in 2024 in love, financial and other areas, read in our horoscope.

Horoscope for a Scorpio man for 2024

For Scorpio men, 2024 is a year of empowerment. In many areas of life, a white streak awaits you.

The Year of the Dragon promises you a rise in the career ladder. Do not refuse offers to earn extra money. There will be many of them, so the financial situation of Scorpio men will improve significantly. Good luck will keep up with you – this year is great for implementing new projects.

You should not forget about your personal life: there should be a balance in everything, so try to separate family and work. This year, temptation will haunt you, hence the advice is to prioritize and understand what is more important: fleeting intrigues or a strong family union.

Thoughts are material – do not dwell on failures and difficulties. Thanks to the innate core and character of Scorpio, you can overcome everything!

Horoscope for a Scorpio woman for 2024

For Scorpio women, the year of the Green Wood Dragon is a time of personal growth. Everything will go on as usual: when you grow spiritually and professionally, your income will grow along with you.

Save your nerves, try to be less impulsive, and be more calm about criticism. Stick to the golden mean in everything. Extremes bring out the worst in people. The golden mean is a synonym for harmony with oneself and peace in the soul.

In 2024, the stars recommend that Scorpios pay more attention not only to themselves, but also to their families. Spend more time with your family, you give each other the most powerful support.

Also, the year of the Dragon is suitable for working with complexes – love yourself, work on increasing self-esteem, this will bring you closer to your ideals.

Love horoscope for Scorpio for 2024

For family Scorpios, 2024 will be stable – harmony will reign in your couple.

The free representatives of this Water sign in the year of the Dragon have especially high chances of meeting their destiny. But you should not resort to dating on the Internet, it is better to take a closer look at your surroundings: your potential partner is somewhere nearby.

The stars do not recommend clinging to the past – let go of the past, and the future will not keep you waiting.

The first half of the year will be aimed at studying the partner: you will find out his strengths and weaknesses, and in November you will come to a logical decision regarding the development of relations.

Health Horoscope for Scorpio for 2024

2024 does not portend serious health problems for Scorpios. If you have chronic diseases, you can not worry – the year will pass in stable remission.

However, health should not be neglected: in January it is recommended to undergo medical examination and drink a course of vitamins for prevention.

In the year of the Dragon, the stars recommend that Scorpios pay special attention to the state of the nervous system. A lot of stress can hurt you, so try to keep your peace of mind even in the most negative situations.

Financial horoscope for Scorpio for 2024

The Green Dragon will bring Scorpios many opportunities to increase their income. Give up rash spending, but you should not miss the options to earn extra money.

2024 is a great year for savings. Our thoughts are material, so save money for something good, and it will come true. This may be the purchase of real estate or a vacation by the sea.

The Wood Dragon will help representatives of Water signs to quickly climb the career ladder. For personal business owners, this year also brings a number of opportunities for successful development – do not miss your chance to acquire useful contacts in the middle of the year, they will be more than ever welcome.

Scorpio Recommendations for 2024

If you have wanted a child for a long time, but it didn’t work out, then now is the time to try again and even decide on eco. If the child is definitely not in the plans, then use protection.

Already happy parents may have more trouble with their children – it’s better to find circles for them yourself, come up with joint leisure so that through scandals, problems and illnesses they do not express their desire to receive more attention, care and involvement from you.

Do not forget about yourself – this is the time to fulfill your most ambitious desires and aspirations, the time to allow yourself more than before.

Tune in for repairs or even moving, in general, there will definitely be changes in your living space.

If you buy a car, it doesn’t matter if it’s from a salon or used, give preference to reliable models – there are risks of breakdowns even for new cars.

Astrologer’s comment

This year, a certain heaviness in the soul can be felt, rigidity and dryness to oneself can be traced, and from this come illnesses, energy collapses. Be more careful with yourself, praise for the little things, celebrate every achievement, especially at work, where, by the way, this year you can also expect changes and, probably, very positive ones.

Popular questions and answers

What should Scorpios be afraid of in the year of the Dragon? How can Scorpio catch luck by the tail in 2024? Answered the most popular questions from readers Anna Rusalkina, Jyotish astrologer:

Is the Year of the Dragon favorable for Scorpio, and what to do to catch luck by the tail?

– The year is quite favorable, especially if you listen to the rhythm of the Universe, that is, in practice, apply the recommendations I have described above.

For luck to accompany you, work on pumping your emotional intelligence – try to get to the level where you control emotions, and not they control you.

How accurate is such a general forecast for each specific Scorpio?

– The general forecast has a fairly good accuracy, because it conveys the fundamental trends unfolding in space with respect to Scorpios. But, of course, the individual natal chart always leaves its mark, which means that there will be deviations.

What should Scorpios be afraid of in the year of the Dragon?

– In the year of the Dragon, Scorpios should be wary of losing touch with children. It’s one thing when children are adults, live their own lives and communication is no longer so close. But another thing is when still small children suddenly close and actually stop interacting with their parents. Find a balance between your own life, work and children, so that the latter also get your time and attention.

Also beware of the deterioration of the mother’s health. We grow up, and parents grow old. This standard cycle continues uninterruptedly, and we have to accept the fact that diseases often come with age. Take care of your mom.


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  2. Chayon burji ostidagi vakillar turmushga chiqishsa ularni nima kutayabdi shu haqida maʼlumot bersangiz xursand boʻlardim

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