Healthy sleep and modern life: is a compromise possible?

main biological rhythm

One of the main biological rhythms of a person is the rhythm of sleep and wakefulness. And a lot of things in your life depend on how harmoniously you have it: psychological stability, heart and nerve health, activity of the reproductive system. Sleep affects: the amount of your energy, work productivity and salary.

On average, a person sleeps 240 hours a month, 120 days a year, and 24 to 27 years in their lifetime, so it’s worth considering how well you spend this time. According to experts, the optimal duration of sleep is from 7 to 9 hours. If we take 7 hours, then at this time half an hour is included for falling asleep and four cycles of healthy sleep. Each cycle lasts about an hour and a half, if a person wakes up at the end of such a cycle, then he feels good. They are individual and for some they last a little longer or less. If a person is awakened in the middle of a cycle, it will be difficult for him to get up, because he will be overcome by drowsiness. If you find it difficult to get up, then you should shorten or lengthen your sleep time by half an hour to get to the end of the cycle.

Owls and larks

Scientists have proven that owls and larks do not exist in nature. The Edison effect was the reason for the appearance of these concepts, it is so named after the inventor of the light bulb, thanks to this innovation, some people became owls, because they got the opportunity to actively spend time after sunset. But the main factor shaping sovism or larks, according to experts, is the environment. Television, which in the evenings captivates with interesting films that run until noon. Computer games that lure a person into their world for a couple of hours before going to bed. Active social life: visits to the cinema in the evening and cafes after work. All these activities lead to the fact that a person cannot go to bed early. There are those who say: “I can’t get up early,” but scientists have proven that there is no physical justification for this in the body, anyone can be taught to get up early. To do this, it is enough to correctly calculate the time of sleep, so that a person wakes up at the end of the next cycle, plus there must be a psychological motivation for this, otherwise learning will not work for psychological reasons.

Sleep problems

There are those who, lacking sleep on weekdays, try to make up for sleep on weekends, and they are right. Scientists have experimentally proven that you can stock up on sleep for the future. 

Head of the Department of Sleep Medicine, 1st Moscow State Medical University. THEM. Sechenov Mikhail Poluektov said that you can stock up on rest from sleep for two weeks in advance. Studies have shown that if you sleep at least 9 hours within two weeks, and then be forced to sleep less for 5 days, then a person will still maintain a high working capacity. But still, it is better to set such a regimen so that every day you sleep at least 7 hours. In 1974, a survey was conducted among the citizens of the USSR, according to the results of which it turned out that 55% of people are unhappy with their sleep. Currently, from 10 to 30% of people in the world are dissatisfied with it, the topic of lack of sleep now and then appears in print and on the Internet, so you can guess that the issue is relevant. 

Everyone has experienced difficulty falling asleep during their lifetime, and some people even suffered from insomnia, and it can be stressful and chronic. Stress is characterized by difficulty falling asleep, restless sleep and a feeling of lack of sleep, the positive side of this type of insomnia is that as soon as the stress passes, sleep is quickly restored. But chronic is an alarm signal from the nervous system and requires immediate treatment to a neurologist, because it is a symptom of a number of dangerous diseases. In our country, sleep is studied quite a bit, there are no institutes and departments dealing with this topic, they do not train somnologists, and most likely they will not, therefore, if you have a problem with sleep, you need to contact neurologists. Some of them study this direction within the framework of their specialty.

Doctors have found the rules for good sleep

For a good sleep, it is necessary to provide favorable conditions: remove items from the bedroom that cause strong emotions: bright pictures, a computer, sports equipment and everything related to work. Somnologists recommend for easy immersion in sleep – one hour before it, limit mental activity. And parents are advised to put their children to bed without problems, to limit all types of activities that cause nervous excitement in two hours: computer games, TV and lessons. Physiologists have found that if you eat 4 hours before bedtime, it contributes to easy falling asleep, it is best to eat high-calorie carbohydrate foods.

It is not recommended to eat immediately before bedtime, because the digestion process interferes with healthy sleep, and sleep harms the digestion of food. But making love, according to research, promotes healthy sleep. Seven hours of restful sleep is the minimum required to maintain good health. Moreover, it is desirable to go to sleep and wake up at the same time. By following these tips, you will get a healthy sleep and a wonderful foundation for a quality, efficient life.

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