Main dishes of Africa

African cuisine is a wide range of new exquisite tastes that are a reflection of African history and culture. As you travel through African countries, you will find regional similarities in most of the neighboring countries, but each country has its own unique cuisine. So, here are a few African dishes that you absolutely must try while traveling this hot continent: 1. Alloko  Traditional dish of the Ivory Coast, sweetish in taste. It is also popular in West Africa. Prepared from bananas, served with pepper and onion sauce. Bananas are cut and fried in oil. In Nigeria, fried bananas are called “dodo” and are usually served with eggs. Alloka is used at any time of the day. 2. Acid Asida is an easy-to-prepare but tasty dish that consists of boiled wheat flour with honey or butter. It is mainly distributed in northern Africa: in Tunisia, Sudan, Algeria and Libya. Africans eat it with their hands. Once you try Asida, you will need time to find a dish that is more tasty and enjoyable. 3. My-my A popular Nigerian dish is bean pudding with chopped onions and red peppers. The main dish of Nigeria, it is very rich in protein. Mine is served with rice. If fate brings you to Lagos, be sure to try this dish. 4. Laho Popular in Somalia, Ethiopia and reminiscent of our pancakes. Made from flour, yeast and salt. Laho is a sponge cake traditionally baked in a circular oven called daawo. Currently, the oven has been replaced with a conventional frying pan. In Somalia, Laho is popular as a breakfast dish, eaten with honey and a cup of tea. Sometimes used with curry stew. 5. Beet A famous Tunisian dish, it includes peas, bread, garlic, lemon juice, cumin, olive oil and spicy harris sauce. Usually served with parsley, cilantro, green onions. Tunisia is worth a visit at least in order to taste Lablabi.

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