Vegetarian Card. Vegetarianism should be available

About how the idea of ​​creating the Vegetarian Card came about, as well as about the possibilities of the program for both holders and partners – in our conversation with the project team.  

Guys, what is the idea behind the Vegetarian Card project?

Of course, the promotion and support of vegetarianism and an ethical lifestyle! This idea arose 5 years ago, at the same time the project was launched. We want to unite all companies that conduct ethical business. Vegetarianism should be available – this is the main thing.  

How many participants does the project currently cover?

Today we have 590… No, already 591 partners! All of these companies are ethical and they all provide discounts. And today there are 100 active cardholders. 

What are the conditions for participation – both for organizations and for cardholders?

For partners, the conditions are simple: 

– you need to fill out a questionnaire in which you must indicate the discount that you are ready to provide to cardholders (at least 5%).

— place your logo and information about the company

— place on your website a banner about participation in the VEGETARIAN CARD program with a link to our website 

Yes, participation in the program is free! 

For cardholders, it’s even easier:

— Buy ​​a card for 100 rubles 

– Register it on the site  

Imagine that I represent an ethical organization. Why is it beneficial for me to be a Vegcard partner? 

Firstly, in this way you support those people who have become vegetarians and lead a healthy lifestyle. 

Secondly, it is an opportunity to participate in the promotions of the company and friendly projects. This is, in particular, the opportunity to receive discounts on advertising in the Vegetarian newspaper. 

Thirdly, the site is a platform where you can talk about your company, promotions, post photos and news.

You can also become distributors of the cards and the free monthly Vegetarian newspaper yourself. 

And if I have a card, what opportunities does it open up for me? 

The main thing is the opportunity to receive discounts on one card in different regions of our country from all our partners. The list of partners by city is on our website. In addition, many of our partners give discounts for festivals, exhibitions and concerts.  

If I live in the outback, it is impossible to purchase a card in my region, but I am ready to be its distributor and attract new partners. Can I somehow participate in the project? 

Yes, you can become a representative of the project in your region. Participation in the affiliate program is free. In this case, it is your responsibility to search for potential partners and help in registering them on the site. We see companies conducting ethical business as our partners. These are vegetarian cafes and restaurants, yoga centers and studios, health food stores and online markets, beauty salons and studios. 

What are the plans and dreams of the Vegcard project? What is the vector of development? 

We want our map to be in every town and village! 

Now they are already actively accepting the card and making discounts on all veg positions that are loyal to vegetarianism: for example, the Have a Nice Day healthy food cafe, the Garden City store of healthy and healthy products, and other fairly large companies. I note again that the card is valid only for vegetarian products.  

We are negotiating with the Obed Buffet chain. We also plan to involve Organic Shop and Azbuka Vkusa chains in our discount system.

We plan to make an application for mobile devices. There are also plans to involve the countries of the CIS and Europe. In general, the New Year 2017 promises to be eventful. Join now!


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