Healthy and nutritious snack options

Raise the mood, the level of energy, awareness and all the best, just a little snack. And what – we will consider in this article. Portion size is very important, especially when it comes to nutrient-rich, but high-calorie, almonds. Eat them as a snack in small quantities (10-15 pieces). It is very tasty to bake almonds in oil and spices, for example, with rosemary. Studies have shown that regular consumption of small amounts of nuts reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease. Rich in a unique flavor, olives are low in calories. 40 g olives – 100 calories. These fruits also offer the body a pleasant salty taste and ample amounts of fat needed for heart health. A popular Middle Eastern dish, hummus is great paired with any vegetable. Typically made from chickpeas, but can be made from soybeans, black-eyed peas, and other legumes. Snack, consisting of 14 tbsp. hummus and 4 carrots will provide the body with 100 calories, and 5 g of fiber will make you feel full for a long time. Another option for a mood-enhancing snack between lunch and dinner. However, it is important to note that here it is worth knowing the measure. Peanut butter is a truly delicious delicacy, but for some it is allergic. Carbohydrates promote feel-good reactions. Choose quality carbohydrates like whole grains.

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