About the “benefits” of a meat diet

Dr. Atkins’ vaunted diet doesn’t appear to be as effective as we’ve been told. It turned out that The nutritionist who once convinced half of Hollywood to give up carbohydrates and fiber and stick to meat was more than obese in the last years of his life.. In addition, he had a heart condition, and shortly before his death in April last year, the professor suffered a heart attack.

All this became known after pathologists, at the request of a group of vegetarian activists (adherents of vegetarianism have always spoken negatively about the promoted diet), published the history of Atkins’ illness, as well as a conclusion on the causes of his death. Turns out, the doctor weighed almost 120 kg with an average height – this is quite a lot for an ordinary person, and even for a nutrition guru – a clear overkill. He really had problems with his heart and blood pressure. The 72-year-old Atkins died from a head injury sustained in a fall, and no one will say for sure why he fell – slipped or lost consciousness due to another surge in pressure. The fact is that the family of the deceased forbade an autopsy.

The hype around the doctor’s weight began after the mayor of New York, Michael Bloomberg, on the air of one of the TV channels, called him a fat man, thinking that the cameras were already turned off. “When I met this man, he was very fat,” said the mayor, causing outrage at Atkins’ widow, who immediately accused him of slander, insulting the memory of the deceased and other mortal sins. Bloomberg first advised the woman to “cool off”, and then nevertheless apologized. Now the published report of the pathologists proves that there was not a single gram of slander in the words of the mayor. By the way, according to US law, such reports cannot be made public without good reason. However, the Americans were so eager to know the truth about the weight of the author of the diet that this, apparently, was considered a good enough reason.

Recall that not so long ago, talk began about the potential dangers of a miracle diet, especially in the hot season – even a young and healthy body finds it difficult to digest a large amount of proteins, and there may simply not be enough resources to cool the internal organs. In addition, this diet can increase the level of cholesterol in the blood. Now, when the previously hushed up details about the death of the professor have come to light, the opponents of the Atkins diet have an additional, and very weighty, reason to criticize it.

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