Georgian vegetarian cuisine

Georgian cuisine is especially rich in vegetarian products such as walnuts, eggplant, mushrooms and cheese. The latter is found here in almost every dish, which is why the selection of dishes will be relevant precisely. It is simply impossible not to eat cheese in Georgia!

Imagine “pizza on steroids” and you get khachapuri! Several regions of Georgia have their own variations of this dish, but they are all full of cheese. In fact, sometimes it seems that there is too much cheese in them! So, in the country there are 3 types of khachapuri: Megrelian, Imeretian, Adjarian (all named, as you might guess, in honor of the regions of origin).

It is worth mentioning that, since it is a bread boat filled inside with cheese and … an egg. And therefore, we pass by this dish and head towards the remaining two khachapuris.

(Megruli) – the most cheesy of all, is an open khachapuri, filled on top with a large amount of suluguni cheese.

(Imeruli) – perhaps the most common type of khachapuri, is “closed”, that is, cheese (Imeretinsky and Suluguni) is inside the dish. For the preparation of this dish, yeast-free dough for matsoni (sour-milk drink of Georgian and Armenian cuisines) is traditionally used.

Another dish without trying which it is impossible to leave Georgia. Georgian dumplings, traditionally with meat filling, they are also made with cottage cheese, vegetable filling, and also … right, with cheese.

Served in a clay pot. Lobiani (lobio) is a fragrant Georgian bean stew.

The dish is baked on Georgian earthenware “ketsi” along with delicious butter broth. Such a dish can be found in any restaurant in Georgia.

For those who are not able to remember such a name, we explain simply: eggplant with walnut paste. Life hack: in order to be understood in a restaurant and brought this dish, it is enough to say the second word from its name! Badrijani are fried thinly sliced ​​eggplants with a delicate walnut paste.

Also known as the “Georgian Snickers”, churchkhella is something that can be found in the resorts of the Krasnodar Territory and the Caucasian mineral waters. Churchkhella is difficult to rank as a product with an appetizing look, but in reality it is very tasty! It is made by stringing walnuts or hazelnuts on a string, after which it is crumbled in a mass of grape (pomegranate or other) juice, sugar and flour.   

In conclusion, I would like to add, dear vegetarian travelers, that Georgia is a wonderful country with an abundance of various fruits, which is why your diet will certainly be rich and varied!

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