Game of Thrones style interior: tips

While the whole world froze in anticipation of who will get the Iron Throne of the magical world of the Seven Kingdoms, we have prepared an unforgettable flavor that will definitely add atmosphere to your home. Fur and metal accessories, hide carpets, animal figurines and massive wooden furniture – that’s what you need to create an interior from the cult TV series “Game of Thrones”.

To turn your apartment into a real palace, you need to fill the interior with natural materials of noble colors in an exquisite combination and complement the appropriate decor elements that will complement the royal chic and aristocracy. The main features of this style are restrained conservatism, the presence of a fireplace (you can buy an electric fireplace or just make a portal), massive doors with beautiful heavy handles, carved wooden furniture, large mirrors and paintings in massive gold or bronze baguettes.

Photo Shoot:
still from the movie “Game of Thrones”

“For all Game of Thrones fans, July is an important month as it marks the release of the long-awaited seventh season. I, too, cannot wait to learn about the further fate of the heroes of the Seven Kingdoms, and in order to brighten up the expectation, I propose to adopt elements of the medieval style. The base can be massive chests of drawers and shelves made of dark wood – oak or walnut, upholstered furniture with carved legs and decor items with ornate patterns. And for true fans of fantasy history, the throne chair, which will easily fit into the classic interior, will definitely become a dream object, ”says Yana Dmitrenko, creative director of Westwing, how to repeat the current style.

On photo: 1. Chair-throne, Westwing, price on request. 2. Salad cutlery, H&M Home, 799 rubles. 3. Forged chandelier Benedetto, Deco-Home, 47 059 rubles. 4. Pitcher, DG-Home, 2700 rubles. 5. Statuette Horse, 27 072 rubles ( 6. Lamp for a shaped candle STABIG, IKEA, 1499 rubles. 7. Wall clock, Deco-Home, 10891 rubles. 8. Round tray with a mirror base, Zara Home, 2999 rubles.

On photo: 1. Armchair, Deco Home, 68 rubles. 868. Sculpture, DG-Home, 2 rubles. 125. Mirror, 048 rubles ( 3. Table lamp, Westwing, price on request. 157. Lantern for a GOTTGER shaped candle, IKEA, 500 rubles. 4. Table, Westwing, price on request. 5. Metal corkscrew, H&M Home, 1899 rubles. 6. Wooden bench with a silver wicker seat, Zara Home, 7 rubles. 599. Dish, Crate and Barrel, about 8 rubles.

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