Funny situations during childbirth: testimonials

“For my daughter, I gave birth in the water and there were people around the birthing pool: a midwife, an obstetrician, a nursery nurse, an intern and my husband. When the obstetrician said, “Go ahead, push again! Still ! “, All the others resumed in chorus:” Again! Again ! Again ! It was like being in a comic film or in the stands of a stadium, it was quite strong! And to make the situation a little more ridiculous, all I could find to answer was: “I can’t, it hurts too much!” “”


“Well me, during a contraction, I started to poop and it was my boyfriend who cleaned everything up, poor man !!! ”


“The epic that lived my cousin !!! Arrival at the hospital, contractions and all the mess. Her man asks if he has time to come home to take a shower at his mom’s, they tell him of course, no problem. And as if by chance, 5 minutes later, the start of work! My cousin didn’t want to give birth without him and asked if someone could call her. Except that she didn’t have her mother-in-law’s phone number !!! She therefore found herself with both legs on the stirrups two fingers away from having to push, with the directory on her stomach, looking for the number, and the phone in the other hand! But lack of potty, he arrived too late, she pushed three times and the baby was there! ”


“My daughter, coming out of my stomach, pooped on the midwife and then continued on me. I was full of poop and, worse, I was only able to take a shower in the evening! ”


“For me, it was rather shame! When the midwife came to examine me (I had been in the labor room for 4 hours), I farted on her! A real fart under the nose! Shame !!! Fortunately he was super cool and we laughed about him most of the time during the birth. When he told me to push again, I said, “Are you sure? It’s dangerous for you! “”


“In the middle of the night, I wake up, I had a sore bottle. I wait a bit, I waited from midnight to 5:00 am before waking up my husband and there, I said to him: “Reg wake up, I have to go to give birth, it hurts! “And he answers me:” shut up and sleep, I have a math test tomorrow. I got kicked around a few times until he realized I was really going to give birth!

For my little boy on the other hand, they plugged me in from everywhere and the devices spent their time ringing, we could hear them in the maternity ward. The midwife said to me: “It’s okay, there is still time”, and my husband decides to go for a walk downstairs. As soon as I got out, I could feel the baby’s head. They ran after him and the midwife got a good idea by leaning right on my bladder. Well, I peed on her, on her beautiful pink blouse. I couldn’t help laughing and so did she, so it was, I wasn’t too embarrassed. ”

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“For my youngest, 5 and a half months ago, I was terrific, but I wanted to stay up as long as possible so that the work would go faster! I found myself face to face with my husband holding his shoulders, his back round and the midwife massaging my lower back at the same time. Do you see the situation? I was between them and there: music from Dirty Dancing (which I know by heart !!!). It looked like one of the scenes, the one where the beautiful blonde helps baby dance with Johnny! You remember ? And there laughs in pain !!! ”


“For baby, it was so fast that we were all a bit disturbed. A few minutes after the birth, I said to the midwife, “You didn’t tell me, how much dilated am I? “It must be said that all along the road, I said to myself:” To have pain like that, I must be at least 6 dilated, as long as they tell me at least 6 when I arrive … “That said, it wasn’t just me that was disturbed. The nurse on duty wanted at all costs to put me a cathlon in case I needed the epidural and because “it is the protocol”, except that my daughter was already born… She did not go to the evidence that when my husband asked him if it often happens that we do epidurals after childbirth! Six minutes after our arrival in the maternity car park, I had my daughter in my arms. ”


“My friend was accompanying a friend of hers in the car, about to give birth (the daddy had packed himself). At a red light, some guys approach them: “What are you girls doing tonight?” “The woman, yelling at him, between two contractions:” This evening I give birth c…! “The heads of the guys …”


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