Fresh fruits vs Dried fruits

When it comes to fruit, most experts agree in favor of fresh fruit. The truth, however, is that dried fruit can be a worthy addition to a healthy diet when consumed in moderation. It is worth noting that dried fruits and dried fruits are different. Some, like raisins, are high in sugar but low in nutrients (except for iron). . A glass of dried apricots contains 94% of the daily value of vitamin A and 19% of the daily value of iron. Dried apricots also contain small amounts of calcium and vitamin C.

Dried apricots are often cited as the healthiest option of all dried fruits. The disadvantage of dried fruits is that many of them lose a significant amount of their nutritional value during processing. Sulfur dioxide is added to some dried fruits to preserve color and flavor. Meanwhile, this compound destroys some nutrients, especially thiamine. Some companies blanch (boil or steam) fruit before drying in an attempt to kill potential contaminants and speed up the drying process. Unfortunately, blanching kills vitamin C, like many other substances. The difference in calories is obvious in the case of dried apricots and fresh apricots.

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