Vegetarianism in Russia: is it possible?

“The only fun in Rus’ is to drink,” Prince Vladimir said approximately to the ambassadors who wanted to bring their faith to Rus’. Recall that the described negotiations with the ambassadors took place until 988. Contrary to popular belief, the ancient Russian tribes did not at all show a tendency to alcoholism. Yes, there were intoxicating drinks, but they were taken quite rarely. The same goes for food: simple, “coarse” food with a lot of fiber was preferred. 

Now, when the controversy is raised more than once about whether a Russian person is a vegetarian, one can hear the following arguments, according to the opponents of vegetarianism, indicating the impossibility of spreading this lifestyle in Russia. 

                         It is cold in Russia

One of the most common excuses for being a vegetarian is the fact that “it’s cold in Russia.” Meat-eaters are sure that a vegan will “stretch his legs” without a piece of meat. Take them to that very Siberia in the settlement of vegans, and leave them to live with them. Unnecessary rhetoric would disappear by itself. Doctors also testified to the absence of diseases in vegans of different ages and genders. 

                         Since ancient times, Russians ate meat

If we even superficially study the history of the Russian people, then we will come to the conclusion that the Russians did not like meat. Yes, there was no specific rejection of it, but preference, as healthy food, for the food of heroes, was given to cereals, and vegetable liquid dishes (shchi, etc.). 

                           Hinduism is not popular in Russia

And what about Hinduism? If meat-eaters think that vegans don’t eat only the meat of the sacred cow, then this is not true. Vegetarianism recognizes the right of animals to live, and has been saying this for more than one hundred years. Moreover, the movement of vegetarianism originated far from India, in England, where vegetarian clubs were officially approved. The universality of vegetarianism is that it is not limited to one religion: anyone can become a vegetarian without denying their faith. Moreover, giving up slaughter is a serious step towards self-improvement. 

There is another thing that could more or less pass as an argument against vegetarianism in Russia: it is the mentality. The consciousness of most of the people almost does not rise to everyday issues, their interests are purely in the material plane, it is possible to convey some subtle matters to them, but not everyone can understand them. But all the same, this cannot be a reason for abandoning a vegetarian lifestyle, since everyone unanimously asserts that the Russian nation should be healthy. We think that we need to start not with some complex programs, but with informing people about vegetarianism, about the dangers of an unhealthy lifestyle. Eating meat is in itself an unhealthy diet, and what is now meant by it is a threat to society, the gene pool, if you like. It is also foolish to stand up for high moral values ​​if a person’s life is provided by a slaughterhouse. 

And yet, with joy, one can notice the sincere interest of young people, people of mature, old and advanced ages in a vegetarian way of life. Someone comes to him at the insistence of doctors, someone – listening to the inner voice and the real desires of the body, someone wants to become more spiritual, someone is looking for better health. In a word, different paths to vegetarianism can lead, but they are not limited to the borders of the state, region, city. Therefore, vegetarianism in Russia should be and develop!

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