Four-legged friends save lives

A dog is a man’s friend, a faithful and devoted companion. Dogs wake us up in the morning, make us take a promenade, teach us to be tolerant and responsive. It is the only being that loves you more than itself. As practice shows, these furry quadrupeds often become life savers. And we present in this article 11 arguments how dogs make human life better and safer.

1.       Dogs help epileptics

Despite the fact that epileptic seizures end on their own and are not dangerous, patients can hit when falling, get a fracture or burn. If a person is not turned over during a seizure, they may choke. Specially trained dogs begin to bark when the owner has a seizure. Joel Wilcox, 14, says his adored friend Papillon gave him the independence and confidence to go to school and live without the fear of seizures.

2.       Dogs make a person move

Michigan State University researchers found that half of dog owners get 30 minutes of exercise a day, 5 or more times a week. It is easy to calculate that this is 150 hours of physical activity per week, which is the recommended amount. Dog lovers walk 30 minutes more per week than those who do not have a four-legged friend.

3.       Dogs lower blood pressure

A study published in the NIH shows that pet owners have a lower risk of cardiovascular disease. This does not mean that you can not take care of your health if you have a Chihuahua. But do not forget that heart disease is the main cause of death.

4.       Dogs motivate you to quit smoking

An online survey conducted by the Henry Ford Health System in Detroit found that one in three smokers admitted that their pet’s health motivated them to quit the habit. It makes sense to give a smoker friend a puppy for Christmas.

5.       Dogs help reduce doctor visits

Australian social monitoring experts found that dog owners are 15% less likely to visit a doctor. The time saved can be spent playing ball with your pet.

6.       Dogs Help Fight Depression

In one experiment, college students who were experiencing depression were invited to therapy with dogs. They could stroke the animals, play with them and take selfies. As a result, 60% noted a decrease in anxiety and feelings of loneliness.

7.       Dogs save people from a fire

For many years, newspapers have made headlines about owners rescued by dogs. In July 2014, a pit bull saved a deaf boy from certain death in a fire. This story caused a storm of responses in the press.

8.       Dogs are diagnosed with cancer

Some dogs can actually detect cancer, writes Gut magazine. A specially trained Labrador does this by smelling his breath and feces. Can a dog replace a doctor? Not yet, but given the high percentage of cancer patients, there may be options for further development.

9.       Dogs protect against deadly allergies

Allergy to peanuts is the most dangerous known. Poodles, Labradors and some other breeds are trained to spot the smallest traces of peanuts. Good news for those who suffer from a serious illness, however, training such a dog is very expensive.

10   Dogs predict earthquakes

In 1975, the Chinese authorities ordered residents to leave the city of Haicheng after dogs were seen to raise the alarm. A few hours later, a 7,3 magnitude earthquake swept away much of the city.

Can dogs accurately predict disaster? The US Geological Survey admits that dogs sense tremors before humans, and this could save lives.

11   Dogs boost the immune system

Think of healthy people among your acquaintances. Think they have a dog? The subjects who petted the dogs were significantly better at coping with the illnesses. What should be done during an epidemic? Less contact with people and more contact with dogs.

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