Side effects of detox

On our website, we like to publish materials about the methods of natural cleansing of the body (detox). In fact, as long as we are alive, the body is in a constant phase of cleansing – this is the care of our liver, kidneys, intestines. Due to the fact that a modern person is exposed to an excessive amount of toxins (both inside the body and from the outside), these organs alone do not always cope with their task. At this point, other body systems kick in, causing unpleasant symptoms that we call the “side effects” of the cleanse. I practice this or that cleansing scheme, whether it is a raw food diet for several days, fasting on juices, dry fasting, and so on, such side symptoms can intensify, as the body seeks to get rid of the accumulated “dirt” in all possible ways. You should not be afraid of them, but you need to be ready for them. . The skin is the safest and easiest, in terms of body safety, way to remove toxins. Switching to a proper, plant-based diet, many notice a deterioration in the condition of the skin (often a person in the past had no skin problems at all). This happens because the body releases energy to remove everything it needs, and for this it connects an emergency resource – the skin. After some time, as it clears up, this “side effect” goes away. A fairly common symptom with a sharp change in diet in the predominant proportion of fruits and vegetables. Green smoothies can also cause this symptom during a detox. It should be noted that you should not mix green smoothie fruits and fat-rich plant foods such as nuts or seeds at the same time. This symptom is the result of insufficient calorie intake. Since fruits and vegetables are bulky in volume but low in calories, you may feel a false sense that you are eating a lot. In fact, you may not even get enough calories, which “out of habit” causes a state of fatigue and apathy. Not the most common effect, but still. Temporary pain may be characteristic at the initial stage when switching to more adequate food. There may also be a psychological moment here. In the process of detox or transition to a vegan diet, we tend to observe our body with special care and captiousness. While on a normal day we don’t pay attention to the aching sensation in the right temple or tingling elsewhere, on detox days we notice them much more. Serious point. This is something everyone who goes on a detox has to deal with. Salt, sugar, caffeine, fatty foods are the main foods for which an irresistible desire is felt. This is due to the fact that the listed products act similarly to a drug on our taste recipes, the reasons also lie in the intestinal microflora, which is rebuilt during detox. Always remember: it is better to find a natural alternative to the usual “drug”. Salt is sea salt, Himalayan salt. Sugar – carob, stevia, sweet fruits, dates. Caffeine – raw ground cocoa beans.

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