Is it really dangerous to eat soy?

Soy is one of the important ingredients in a vegetarian diet. Soybeans contain compounds known as isoflavones, whose chemical formula is similar to human estrogens. This similarity raises concerns that soy products may have hormonal effects, such as feminizing men or increasing cancer risk in women.

Research results do not show any negative effects of soy consumption for men – testosterone levels and reproductive function are preserved. As for, cancer patients and healthy people were examined at the University of Southern California. Women who ate a daily serving of soy products were 30% less likely to develop breast cancer than those who consumed very little soy. (A serving is approximately 1 cup soy milk or ½ cup tofu.) Thus, a moderate amount of soy eaten can reduce the risk of breast cancer.

A reasonable amount of soy products also prolongs the life of those women who already have breast cancer and have been treated. Of the 5042 patients examined, those who ate two servings of soy daily had a 30% lower chance of relapse and death than others.

It has not been proven that soy is contraindicated for people suffering. But in hypothyroidism, the thyroid gland does not secrete enough hormones, and soy products can reduce the absorption of supplements. In this case, the doctor can, if necessary, adjust the dose of the medications taken.

It must be remembered that soy can be in the form of hives, itching, runny nose or shortness of breath. For some people, this reaction appears only with a large intake of soy. Children’s soy allergies often go away with age. But an adult may experience symptoms that were not there before. Soy allergy can be tested at the clinic through skin testing and blood tests.

The choice of soy products must be made in favor of. The production of meat substitutes is often based on the extraction of soy protein concentrate, and such a product takes away from the natural, created by nature, beans.

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