Forest friends playbook

This activity book offers different games with cartoon characters. The proposed activities are of several types for each child to find his account.

There are games more related to graphics such as the reproduction of characters, observation with silhouettes to be linked to characters, calculation, reflection with a labyrinth, observation with the game of differences …

Everything is done to appeal to the intellectual and artistic faculties of your little one. And in case of difficulty, there are solutions at the end.

Only one game requires knowing the cartoon to find the solutions.

Publisher: Youth Hachette

Number of pages : 23

Age range : 4-6 years

Editor’s Note: 10

Editor’s opinion: The games are all very colorful, the paper is thick. The instructions are simple and clear, Everything is well ventilated to be within the reach of the youngest. The illustrations are of course taken from cartoons. Very successful!

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