Bottled water is very dangerous!

People should not drink water from plastic bottles that have become hot or cold, such as while in a car. Under the influence of heat and frost, the chemicals in the plastic bottle saturate the water with dioxin.

Dioxin is a toxin that causes breast cancer. So please be careful not to drink water from plastic bottles. Use stainless steel flasks or glass bottles instead of plastic!

Do not use plastic containers in the microwave – especially for heating fatty foods! Do not store plastic water bottles in freezers! Do not use plastic wrap when cooking in the microwave! This releases dioxin from the plastic. This is dangerous to health.

Instead, use a glass or ceramic container to warm your food. You will get the same result, but without the dioxin.

Food wrap is also dangerous when it’s in the microwave. Under the action of high temperature, it releases toxic toxins that are ingested. Cover food with a lid or paper towel.


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