Food that promotes aging

Consuming on a regular basis foods that cause inflammation in the body damages regulatory functions, which leads to disease, cellular degeneration (including the notorious wrinkles). Consider what absolutely must be avoided if you do not want to grow old before the appointed time. Partially hydrogenated oils. Often found in highly processed, refined foods, these oils spread inflammation throughout the body, which stimulates the formation of free radicals. Ultimately, free radicals destroy DNA, leading the affected cell to disease or death. The research team estimates that inflammatory fats are added to 37% of processed foods, not just 2% as labeled (because trans fats don’t have to be labeled if they contain less than half a gram). Trans fats are commonly added to refined oils, emulsifiers, and some flavor enhancers. How to avoid them? Eat whole foods with minimal processing. Excess sugar. We instinctively crave the sweet taste. Sugar is rich in fast energy, which would be very useful if we were hunting mammoths. But we don’t. Most modern people lead a sedentary lifestyle and consume too much sugar. “Overdose” of sweets leads to the fact that sugar simply “walks” through our body, having a devastating effect. Excess blood sugar leads to a loss of collagen in the skin, damaging the same mitochondria in the cells. The damage done to the cell subsequently results in poor memory, visual impairment, and a decrease in energy levels. A high percentage of sugar in the diet stimulates the development of diseases such as type 2 diabetes, heart disease and Alzheimer’s disease. Refined sugar should be replaced with a natural source of sweetness: honey, maple syrup, stevia, agave, carob (carob), dates – in moderation. Refined carbohydrates. Nutritionally devoid of carbohydrates, such as white flour, have a similar effect on the body as does sugar. A diet rich in these foods wreaks havoc on blood insulin levels and encourages the development of insulin resistance over time. Healthy carbohydrates – fruits, legumes, grains – supply the body with fiber and starch, which feed the symbiotic intestinal microflora. Fried food. Cooking at very high temperatures increases inflammatory compounds and the AGE index. The general rule is this: the more the product was subjected to heat treatment and the higher the temperature, the higher the AGE index of such a product. Exacerbation of inflammatory processes is directly associated with AGE substances. Osteoporosis, neurodegenerative, cardiovascular diseases, stroke are associated with high levels of AGE substances in the body. It is recommended to cook food at the lowest possible temperatures. In general, consuming whole, natural and fresh foods will allow the body to go through a natural aging process.

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