What can the ocean teach us?

Life is like the ocean: it moves us, shapes us, sustains us, and awakens us to change, to new horizons. And, ultimately, life teaches us to be like water – strong, but calm; persistent but soft; as well as flexible, beautiful.

What wisdom can the power of the ocean bring to us?

Sometimes the “big waves” of life carry us in a direction we didn’t know we had. Sometimes it seems that the “water” has come to a state of calm, calm. Sometimes the “waves” hit so hard and we get scared that they will wash away everything we have. This is exactly what is called life. We are constantly moving forward, no matter how fast. We are always on the move. Life is constantly changing. And whether you are high or low at any point in your life, everything is relative and can completely change within a second. The only thing that remains unchanged is the change itself.

There is an interesting metaphor: “There is nothing more beautiful than seeing the ocean never stop on its way to kiss the shore, no matter how many times it fails.” Believe that there is something worth fighting for in life, no matter how many times you fail. If at some point you realize that this is not what you really need, let go. But before reaching this understanding, do not give up on the path.

We cannot know everything that is in the bottomless depths of our “ocean”, in ourselves. We are constantly growing, changing, sometimes we don’t even accept some side of ourselves. It is important to dive into your inner world from time to time in order to explore yourself and try to understand who we really are.

There will be times in your life when you will feel like you are “frozen”, stuck in something. Everything falls apart, things don’t go as planned. Remember: no matter how severe the winter is, spring will come sooner or later.

The ocean does not exist on its own. It is part of the entire world pool and, perhaps, the universe. The same applies to each of us. We did not come into this world as a separate cell, unconnected with the world, to live life for ourselves and leave. We are part of a larger, whole picture that plays an essential role in shaping this picture called “the world,” no matter what the role itself is.

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