Food for the mind or How to eat for intellectuals


“We are what we eat.” Although this phrase is outdated and sounds rather trite, now she is quite applicable to our daily lives. Do professional athletes or members of the fashion industry have specific appropriate to their occupation regime. For example, if you want to become a professional athlete and diet and daily routine have to build appropriately.

People earning intelligence are no exception. Professional poker or chess players participate in tournaments that can last for dozens of hours. During this time, the player needs to stay focused, relax. The thought process does not stop for a second.

As poker and chess, the players must constantly evolve and come up with new intelligent techniques. To retain the title, stagnation is invalid.

How to eat meters intellectual sport

The intense intellectual activity requires a balanced diet and specific routine. The most eminent representatives of mind sports eating right and leading a healthy lifestyle to withstand serious loads. If you ask Liv Boeri, a professional poker player, winner of numerous tournaments, and a representative team of professionals PokerStars, what kind of food she prefers, she will answer that it is extremely healthy. Liv also regularly attends fitness clubs and then sharing their experience on social networks. Her colleague in the shop, a member of the poker hall of fame Daniel Negreanu, long enough adheres to a vegan diet. Before tournaments, Gary Kasparov, the 13th world chess champion, trained physically as a professional bodybuilder and adhered to a special diet.

Food for the mind or How to eat for intellectuals

What kind of food to ensure proper brain function

Our brain needs good nutrition. According to the latest research in this area, all the necessary elements can only be obtained from food without the help of vitaminosoderžaŝej additives. Here is a list of the vitamins necessary to keep the tone of your intellect.

Vitamins B1, B2, B6, B12 are vital for the overall tone of the brain. Nutritionists believe that it is essential for all people whose activity is connected with creativity. They are responsible for memory, concentration and, besides, are powerful antidepressants. B vitamins can be found in peas. Also, they are rich in oatmeal. By the way, oatmeal helps, including insomnia. The human body needs b vitamins that contain several other ingredients. Are green vegetables, brown rice, and walnuts.

For clarity needed for strategic decision-making throughout the tournaments intellectual sport, respond vitamins C and E. These vitamins also slow down the brain’s aging, which is because its cells are exposed to free radicals, damaging them. Foods containing these vitamins necessary for the human body amounts of veggies and fruits. Most of the vitamin E contained in avocado. In the pumpkin and almond him a little less. One of those components that we just listed get great vitamin salad.

Vitamin C in large quantities contained in red berries: currant, strawberry, and raspberry. Surprisingly, this element of the berries is more than oranges and lemons. It is also found in broccoli.

Food for the mind or How to eat for intellectuals

Any competition on intellectual activities requires stress resistance and the ability to resist panic attacks. Serotonin is the chemical element that contributes to resistance to negative. When serotonin is produced in our body, we feel happier, and the worries and troubles go by the wayside. Serotonin contributes to the following products: chocolate (with darker and more natural, the better), whole wheat bread, yogurt, hummus, Turkey, tofu, and salmon. It should be noted that products with high sugar content, such as caramel, pastry, or ice cream, can lift your mood and stimulate stress, but the result from the effects of these products are usually short-term.

The elements that actively contribute to the analytical brain zinc, magnesium, and iron. These substances are responsible for concentration and mathematical abilities. Zinc is found in seafood, magnesium-rich nuts, dried fruits, and avocados—a lot of iron in meat, poultry, and apples.

About the day: that the brain worked like a clock

In addition to the diet of the above-mentioned products, as corny as it may sound, the daily routine and a balanced diet are essential.

If the organism does not receive any items, it takes them from the brain.

For Breakfast advisable to eat porridge for Breakfast is an energy-rich carbohydrate. In the middle of the day, make energy meat or fish with a side dish of pasta from flour coarsely ground rice or dark. For dinner, it is advisable to drink kefir or yogurt. Proteins in the final stage of the day will help your brain to recover.

Don’t forget about the regular consumption of water. The lack of water in the body negatively affects the work, including the brain. The situation can be corrected by consuming at least eight glasses of water a day. Drink it slowly and feel how the body is filled with life-giving energy.

Although the tournaments in intellectual activities take up much time, you need to remember that if you eat before the game, a large portion of food, the blood will rush to the stomach, and intellectual activity will slow down.

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