How do antioxidants work?

Encountering a mention of antioxidants in the product’s composition, we will take them to the users’ category. Of course, everyone heard about antioxidants’ role in the rejuvenation of the body, maintaining its health. What are they, how they work, and what to protect?


Antioxidants are substances that neutralize free radicals – oxidants. Free radicals are the cause of an organism’s aging, weakening its protective functions and a risk of development of many diseases – cancer, heart failure, diabetes, stroke, and others.

Antioxidants normalize the balance, thereby giving him prematurely aging and wear. Thanks to these substances, improving metabolism and losing weight.


Lots of antioxidants in fresh fruits and vegetables, berries, fresh juice, and homemade mashed potatoes. Champions for their content – buckthorn, blueberries, grapes, prunes, cranberry, Rowan, currant, pomegranate, mangosteen, acai berries, citrus fruits, bell peppers, spinach, and broccoli. A slightly smaller number, they are presented in nuts, green tea, cocoa, and red wine.

In addition to natural antioxidants, there are also synthesized biologically active supplements, pills, creams.

How do antioxidants work?

How are antioxidants?

Free radicals, those oxidants, are normally constantly produced by the man himself. They help fight viruses and bacteria, strengthen digestion, and are responsible for many important body processes. But under the influence of bad ecology, stress, poor lifestyle in our body fails, the amount of oxidant in the body increases and they destroy healthy cells. The task of antioxidants is to neutralize and eliminate a rapid destructive restore balance.

A surplus of antioxidants is also undesirable, as it leads to enhanced development of tumor cells. The rate of fresh vegetables and fruits for adults — 500 grams per day, for nuts — a handful of.

Fresh fruits and vegetables, nuts Champions for the content in its composition of antioxidants. But this does not mean that they are not found in other foods. Drink black tea, eat legumes, foods made from whole wheat flour, milk, fresh eggs, and meat.


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