Fruit eating

Fruit Eating or Fruitianism is a nutritional system that only includes raw plant foods. The main source of energy in this system is fruits and berries. It is very common to see fruitorians who adhere to the nutritional system outlined in Douglas Graham’s book “80/10/10”. The idea behind the Graham system is that your diet should be at least 80% carbohydrates, no more than 10% fat and 10% protein, all of which should be sourced from raw, plant-based foods. Therefore, for the supporters of this system, fruit nutrition is most often ideal.

There are also many fruit eaters who support the ideas of Arnold Eret (professor, naturopathic practitioner who lived in the XNUMXth-XNUMXth centuries). Eret believed that “raw fruits and, if desired, raw green leafy vegetables form the ideal human food. This is a mucusless diet. ” 

 However, similar to lax raw food eaters, there are also lax fruit eaters who can eat fruit or root vegetables, nuts, seeds, raw mushrooms, sometimes even dried fruits, which is already very difficult to call fruitorianism. People come to fruit nutrition both from a scientific point of view and from purely logical reasoning. … After all, if we all lived in natural conditions, we would eat exclusively fruits. Of course, like most animals, we can adapt to a wide variety of foods, but nevertheless, our body is designed in such a way that fruits are the ideal “fuel” for it. The fact is that our digestive system is designed for soluble soft fiber and delicate greens. Yes, a person can even eat meat, but then our topic will be seriously damaged, since the body will continuously neutralize toxins. It’s like filling the most expensive car with the most substandard fuel, or even fuel that is not intended for cars. How far will we go in such a car?

From a nutritional point of view, nothing can satisfy all human needs like sweet fruits. By nature, we are all sweet tooth. A hackneyed example – offer a small child a piece of sweet watermelon and a cutlet, the choice is obvious. Here are a few of the pros that fructoaters talk about:

– good dream

– absence of diseases

– improved digestion

– beautiful healthy body

– lack of unpleasant odors from the body

– energy, cheerfulness

– pure and bright thoughts

– happiness, joy and good mood

– harmony with the world around you and much more. Eat fruit and enjoy a happy and healthy human life!


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