7 Meditation Tips for Beginners

Find an Approach to Meditation You Like

It is wrong to think that meditation is a complex process and takes a lot of time to master it. The trick is to find an approach (for example, studio sessions, online lessons, books or apps) and practice (from mindfulness to transcendental meditation) that you enjoy. Remember that you simply do not want to continue doing something if you have to constantly force yourself and experience any discomfort from the process.

Start small

Do not start immediately with long practices. Instead, start meditating in stages, several times a day if you wish. To feel the result, it will be enough just 5-10 minutes a day, and even 1 minute will make sense.

Take a comfortable position

It is important that you feel comfortable while meditating. There is no need to strain while sitting in a position that feels right. Sitting in a lotus position, on a pillow or a chair – choose what is more convenient for you.

Work on your daily schedule

You can meditate wherever you can sit. Using all available conditions, you increase the chances of finding time for meditation during the day. All you need is a place where you feel warm, comfortable and not too cramped.

Try to use the app

While some say it doesn’t make sense to use meditation apps, others see them as a useful and accessible resource. The Headspace and Calm apps are fairly well-known, but they charge a fee to unlock new content. The Insight Timer app has 15000 free meditation guides, while the Smiling Mind app has been designed specifically for kids and teens. The Buddhify and Simple Habit apps offer meditation ideas at various times, such as before bed or before an important meeting.

Accept your failures

Stopping, starting are all part of the process of learning to meditate. If something has distracted you while you are meditating, just try to gather yourself again. Give yourself time to dive in and you’ll be fine.

Explore available resources

As with any new thing you try to learn, it’s worth spending some time learning to meditate. If you want to try an easy and free meditation option before signing up for a regular class, look online for videos or free beginner classes.

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