Elena Obraztsova: a short biography of an opera singer


Elena Obraztsova: a short biography of an opera singer

🙂 Welcome new and regular readers! “Elena Obraztsova: A Brief Biography of an Opera Singer”. Personal life and the cause of death Obraztsova E.V. These questions were of interest to many people and fans of the talent of the opera singer. Everyone wanted to know more about the singer’s life off stage.

Biography of Elena Obraztsova

Elena Vasilievna Obraztsova (July 7, 1939 Leningrad – January 12, 2015 Leipzig). Soviet and Russian opera singer (mezzo-soprano), actress, teacher. People’s Artist of the USSR, Hero of Socialist Labor, Lenin Prize laureate.

Elena Obraztsova: a short biography of an opera singer

She died at the age of 76 in Leipzig, Germany. Death occurred as a result of cardiac arrest. The life of a beautiful, bright woman was cut short due to health problems: she recently suffered pneumonia. On December 11, 2014, she canceled a concert at the State Kremlin Palace.

Doctors advised the singer to go to Germany for the winter because of the climate. It was planned that she will stay in this country until February. She expressed the hope that she would soon take the stage again, but in Germany she realized that she would soon die. When Joseph Kobzon visited Obraztsova at the clinic, she asked to take her home: “I want to die at home …”

The singer’s repertoire included 38 parts in classical and modern operas, Russian folk songs, old romances, jazz compositions.

Her partners were the most famous musicians on the planet. Obraztsova gave master classes in Europe and Russia. She was the chairman of the jury of a number of European and international competitions.

Elena Obraztsova: a short biography of an opera singer

With V.Putin being awarded the Order of Merit for the Fatherland. Moscow – 1999

Elena Vasilievna was an amazing person. Her departure is a huge loss for both Russian and world culture.

Elena Obraztsova: a short biography of an opera singer

Taganrog, theater. A.P. Chekhov

Life in Taganrog (1954 – 1957)

The name of Elena Obraztsova is dear to many residents of Taganrog.

In 1954, her father was transferred to work in our city. Taganrog presented the aspiring actress with a fateful meeting with the excellent teacher A. T. Kulikova, with whom Lena studied vocals for two years.

The young singer took part in school concerts – she sang famous romances and songs popular at that time from the repertoire of the famous Lolita Torres. On the stage of the Taganrog theater. Chekhov organized reporting concerts.

Once on one of them, the girl was noticed by the director of a music school from Rostov-on-Don, Mankovskaya. She advised her to continue her education. In 1957, Lena was admitted to the school immediately for the second year.

Next comes the brilliant career of an opera singer, teaching. The singer has recorded about 60 discs.

Favorite men

Obraztsova’s first husband is the famous theoretical physicist Vyacheslav Petrovich Makarov. Their marriage lasted 17 years. In this marriage, a daughter was born. Elena Vasilievna remembers him with respect and warmth, but she does not regret that she fell in love with another person. During the divorce, her voice disappeared from experiences, and she could not sing at all.

Obraztsova met her second husband on stage. This is the famous Lithuanian and Russian conductor Algis Ziuraitis.

Elena Obraztsova: a short biography of an opera singer

Elena Obraztsova and Algis Zhyuraitis

He never complained about his health. A terrible, insidious disease burned him unexpectedly and cruelly. Elena Obraztsova, whose biography until then developed happily, suffered a severe blow.

Elena Vasilievna fell into a deep depression, out of which her friends helped her. Her family is daughter Elena (opera singer), grandson Alexander and granddaughter Anastasia.

Last request

Elena Vasilievna asked to be buried in a closed coffin. She wanted her beloved viewers to remember her only alive and beautiful …

On January 15, 2015 Elena Obraztsova was buried at the Novodevichy cemetery in Moscow.

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