How to Deal with Jealousy: Simple Tips to Help You


How to Deal with Jealousy: Simple Tips to Help You

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Friends, what is envy? This is a feeling of annoyance caused by the well-being, the success of another. A negative state of mind, which, as a rule, causes feelings, actions, deeds that are destructive for a person. Betrayal, hatred and intrigue are born. This is the lowest and most cowardly passion.

How to get rid of jealousy

Signs of jealous people: Lack of joy or even negative perceptions about the success of others. Instead of rejoicing in other people’s successes, we often begin to envy people. Because they have achieved more in life than we have. These people have higher material wealth or something else.

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Where does the feeling of envy come from?

From childhood! Parents often compare their child to other children and set them up as an example. This is imprinted in the mind of a person for life. The child grows up and already begins to independently compare his external data and achievements with those around him.

A person sees that there are people who are less successful, perceiving this normally. Negativeness manifests itself towards those who are more successful. Then the person thinks about his insolvency, self-esteem goes down.

Wounded pride begins to corrode the soul, deprives him of peace and pushes him to cruelty and aggression.

The most unpleasant thing about this negative feeling is that it arises in the circle of loved ones – strangers rarely seriously envy. You are not very envious of the wife of the president of any state, are you? What if your colleague is in her place? Very different emotions, right?

Anyone can find freedom from this harmful feeling or habit.

The first step: it is enough to admit that you have this feeling and it has a destructive effect on you. Reassure yourself that you too can achieve whatever you envy. As soon as you do this, you immediately take a completely different path in your mind.

And the next step is to agree that there is success in the life of a colleague or neighbor. Let’s admit this – and we, from people dissatisfied with the life of people, will turn into well-wishers, from critics – into people capable of praise.

We will rejoice with them. This is already a victory! How to Deal with Jealousy: Simple Tips to Help YouYou will see that Lady Envy, who held you with her hands, has weakened, it is already easier for you to breathe. It is already easier for you to speak, you want to enjoy life and admire any success of your neighbor.

By accepting the success of another, you involuntarily program yourself to do so. You won!

Another option is to make your envy “white”, that is, turn it into an incentive, into an impetus to action. Want a sports car? Earn money! Such envy can benefit you, because it does not embitter, but prompts you to take concrete action.

If they envy you

If you feel that someone envies you, the best thing is not to talk about your successes and successes in his presence. But do not ignore this person, otherwise you will cause a new wave of his negative feelings on yourself.

Try to gain confidence in him. As if by chance, tell me that in your life, despite the visible successes, there are also many problems.

How to overcome envy?

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