Effective diet, 14 days, -10 kg

Losing weight up to 10 kg in 14 days.

The average daily calorie content is 600 Kcal.

Many of us, having already accumulated unnecessary fat deposits on our beloved body, are thinking about how to get rid of extra pounds faster and more efficiently. Of course, everyone knows that you need to lose weight gradually, and even better – do everything possible so as not to gain excess weight. But, since this has happened, it is necessary to struggle with completeness.

So, if you want to transform as soon as possible, effective diets have been developed for such cases. Below we will talk about the most popular and effective ways to lose weight – Hollywood, cabbage, Japanese, kefir diets, fresh juice diet and a combined express diet.

Effective diet requirements

Hollywood Diet it was called so for a reason. At one time it was tested by many celebrities who successfully transformed the figure with its help. This technique is aimed at reducing the presence of fats and carbohydrates in the diet and cutting calories. As a result, you will receive a maximum of 800 energy units per day, and the body, of course, will have to give up fat reserves.

During the Hollywood diet, salt should be avoided. All meals should be cooked without added fat. Choose gentle methods of cooking foods (boil or bake them). You need to completely eliminate alcohol and everything that contains sugar. The menu should be based on lean protein products (fish, lean meat, eggs). It is also allowed to include low-carbohydrate vegetables and fruits in the diet. Be sure to drink clean water (1,5-2 liters per day), this will help the body get rid of excess accumulations.

This diet is not frequent with meals. There is no breakfast at all. There should be 2 meals a day – lunch and dinner. You can stick to “Hollywood” for up to two weeks. If the amount of excess weight is really noticeable, during this period you can lose 8-10 kilograms.

If you like cabbage, you can effectively transform your figure with its help. There are two ways to lose weight based on the consumption of this vegetable. The first option for the cabbage diet can last up to 10 days, but nutritionists recommend limiting it to one week. Breakfast is also missing here. Lunch and dinner can be organized from cabbage, lean meat or fish, carrots, chicken eggs, low-fat kefir, non-starchy fruits. During the diet period, you can lose up to 10 kg.

The second version of the cabbage diet based on the use of vegetable soup. To prepare it, you will need 500 g of cabbage, 5 pieces of onions and carrots, 2 bell peppers, celery stalks (4 pieces) and 100 g of brown rice. You can add a little salt to the soup, but don’t overdo it. It is recommended to follow the rules of this diet for one week. Every day you need to eat soup, supplementing the menu with lean meat or fish, milk and dairy products of zero or 1% fat content. You need to eat in small portions at regular intervals.

You can also experience the weekly japanese diet, after which the body loses an average of 5-7 kilograms. An implacable taboo in “Japanese woman” is sweet, fatty, fried, flour and salty. The use of pure salt should also be discarded.

It is known that diets should be gradually withdrawn. As for the Japanese method, it is also better to start following it gradually. To do this, the day before starting to follow the diet rules, you need to significantly reduce or completely eliminate the presence of salt in food, and make boiled unpolished rice and non-starchy vegetables the basis of the diet.

The diet of the Japanese diet should be made from lean meat, fish, vegetables and low-fat kefir. There are three meals. Moreover, the breakfast is always the same, it includes rye bread and a cup of black coffee without sugar. If coffee is contraindicated for you, you can replace it with empty green tea.

For kefir lovers, nutritionists recommend an effective diet based on the use of this fermented milk drink. During the week kefir diet leaves 4-5 kg. There are several types of this technique. According to the first, if you feel hungry, you need to drink low-fat or 1% kefir (1,5 liters per day). If it’s difficult for you to eat only kefir, you can add fruits (preferably apples) or vegetables (cucumbers) to it, eating about 1,5 kg of these gifts of nature. If you want to lose weight more significantly, the second version of the technique can be extended up to 10 days, but only if you feel well. Then you can lose up to 7-8 kg.

If you want to lose weight and cleanse your body, and you are ready for drastic measures, it will do diet on fresh juices… If you follow it in full rigor, you need to completely remove solid food from the diet and replace it with juices. It is advisable to prepare the juice immediately before eating, this practice will help to preserve the maximum amount of useful components in the drink. You can drink both fruit and vegetable juices (or mixes). In addition, the use of low-fat vegetable broths is not prohibited by the juice diet.

For breakfast, lunch, and dinner, you need to drink up to 300 ml of juice, and between them, be sure to drink plenty of clean water. Note that the developers of the method recommend drinking water at room temperature. It is better to refuse coffee and tea, even without sugar, on a juice diet. All other drinks and foods are also banned. Since the diet of this diet is very poor, it is not recommended to sit on it for more than 4-5 days. During this time, a couple of extra pounds will probably leave your body. In general, nutritionists advise you to first try to limit yourself to one fasting juice day, which is carried out according to the same rules as the juice diet itself. This will help you to experience willpower and understand how your body behaves when you refuse normal food.

If you are not ready to deprive yourself of food, we suggest paying attention to another type of effective transformation technique – combined express diet… You can stick to it for up to five days. The list of foods allowed on the diet includes chicken eggs, lean fish fillets, non-starchy vegetables and fruits. You need to eat in moderation and do not season any dishes with oil. For dinner, only a cup of tea is allowed. There are only three meals available – breakfast, snack and lunch.

Do not forget that no matter what effective diet you choose and no matter how great you lose weight on it, you will not be able to maintain the new weight if you do not make friends with proper nutrition in the future. Try to exclude fast food, white flour products and sweets from the menu as much as possible. According to most nutritionists, weight can be considered stable if it lasts at least six months (fluctuations of a couple of kilograms are permissible).

Effective diet menu

The diet of an effective Hollywood diet

Day 1

Lunch: boiled egg; fresh tomato; coffee or green tea.

Dinner: a portion of cucumber and cabbage salad; egg; half a grapefruit.

Day 2

Lunch: grapefruit; tough egg; coffee or tea.

Dinner: boiled lean beef (up to 200 g); fresh cucumber; green tea.

Day 3

Lunch: salad of cucumber, tomato and cabbage; boiled egg; coffee or tea.

Dinner: 200 g of boiled beef fillet; cucumber; Tea coffee.

Day 4

Lunch: vegetable salad (white cabbage and fresh cucumber); pulp of one grapefruit; Tea coffee.

Dinner: low-fat cottage cheese (200 g); egg (cook in any way without oil); a cup of green tea with lemon.

Day 5

Lunch: hard egg; vegetable salad (cabbage, cucumbers and herbs); coffee Tea.

Dinner: 200 grams of boiled fish; a little shredded white cabbage or fresh cucumber; a cup of green tea.

Day 6

Lunch: salad (orange, grapefruit, apple).

Dinner: boiled beef (200 g) and cucumber-cabbage salad; a cup of tea / coffee.

Day 7

Lunch: 200 g of cooked skinless chicken fillet; cucumber and white cabbage salad; grapefruit or orange; tea or coffee.

Dinner: a serving of fruit salad, including an orange, an apple, half a grapefruit.

Note… One chicken egg can always be replaced with two quail eggs. After the seventh diet day, the diet simply needs to be repeated again.

The diet of an effective cabbage diet (option 1)

Lunch: salad (white cabbage and carrots), drizzled with 1 tsp. olive oil; up to 200 g of steamed or boiled meat or fish fillets.

Dinner: a salad of fresh or sauerkraut, to which you should add half a boiled egg; any fruit (but not a banana).

1-2 hours before bedtime: a glass of low-fat kefir.

The diet of an effective cabbage diet (option 2)

First day: soup; any fruits and berries (bananas and grapes are prohibited).

Second day: soup.

Third day: soup; vegetables (not potatoes), raw or cooked without fat.

Fourth day: soup; up to 500 ml of milk, skim and 1% fat.

Day 500: soup; up to XNUMX g of meat or fish fillets (cook without adding fat); a couple of tomatoes.

Sixth day: soup; vegetables (potatoes are not allowed); 200 g chicken or fish fillet, boiled or baked.

Seventh day: soup; vegetables and a couple of glasses of juice without sugar.

The diet of an effective Japanese diet

Breakfasts are always the same: a cup of empty black coffee and a rye crouton or bread.

Day 1

Lunch: two boiled chicken eggs; a portion of Chinese cabbage salad; a glass of tomato juice (unpackaged).

Dinner: steamed fish (200-250 g).

Day 2

Lunch: a slice of fish, boiled or baked; cabbage salad.

Dinner: boiled beef (100 g) and a glass of 1% kefir.

Day 3

Lunch: zucchini, slightly fried in a pan using a spoonful of olive oil.

Dinner: boiled beef (200 g); two eggs; a few tablespoons of chopped cabbage.

Day 4

Lunch: a slice of cheese with a minimum fat content (about 20 g); boiled egg and one boiled carrot.

Dinner: 2 fresh or baked apples.

Day 5

Lunch: a piece of boiled or steamed fish (about 200 g); A glass of tomato juice.

Dinner: 2 apples.

Day 6

Lunch: up to 200 g of boiled chicken meat; salad (cabbage with carrots), slightly seasoned with olive oil.

Dinner: two hard-boiled eggs and a cabbage salad.

Day 7

Lunch: a piece of boiled beef (200 g); apple or pear.

Dinner: Duplicate dinner on any diet day except the third.

An example of a diet of an effective kefir diet

Breakfast: a glass of kefir.

Snack: a glass of kefir.

Lunch: 500 ml of kefir.

Afternoon snack: a glass of yogurt.

Dinner: a glass of kefir.

An example of the diet of an effective kefir-cucumber diet

Breakfast: a glass of kefir and 250 g of cucumbers.

Snack: a glass of kefir and 250 g of cucumbers.

Lunch: a glass of kefir; salad of 500 g of cucumbers, seasoned with kefir.

Afternoon snack: a glass of kefir and 250 g of cucumbers.

Dinner: a glass of kefir and 250 g of cucumbers.

Before going to bed: you can drink another glass of kefir.

An example of a diet of an effective kefir-apple diet

Breakfast: a glass of kefir and an apple.

Snack: half an apple and a glass of kefir.

Lunch: apple salad weighing up to 500 g and a glass of kefir.

Afternoon snack: baked apple and a glass of kefir.

Dinner: an apple and a glass of kefir.

Before sleep: kefir (200-250 ml) and, if desired, half an apple.

Diet Example of an Effective Fresh Juice Diet

Breakfast: 250 ml of apple juice.

Lunch: 300 ml of tomato juice.

Dinner: 250-300 ml of grapefruit juice

Diet Example of an Effective Combined Express Diet

Breakfast: hard-boiled egg; a cup of unsweetened tea (with a slice of lemon).

Second breakfast: low-fat cottage cheese (150-200 g), seasoned with kefir.

Lunch: steamed fish (about 150 g); the same amount of vegetable non-starchy salad sprinkled with lemon juice; an apple or other fruit other than a banana.

Dinner: empty tea.

Contraindications for an effective diet

  1. An effective diet, in its various variations, has standard contraindications: pregnancy, lactation, age restrictions (children, adolescence and old age).
  2. No need to go on a diet for those who have problems with the functioning of the gastrointestinal tract, as well as any other serious health problems.
  3. It is highly advisable to consult a specialist before starting any diet.

Benefits of an effective diet

  • Effective diets live up to their name and really help to significantly transform your figure in a short time.
  • The abundance of ways to lose weight will allow you to choose the one that meets your taste needs and will meet your goals.
  • In addition to noticeable weight loss, a smooth cleansing of the body occurs and metabolism is accelerated, which increases the chances of maintaining the result.

Disadvantages of an effective diet

  • The main disadvantage of most effective diets is the scarcity of the diet. Frequent companions of such a diet are irritation, weakness, apathy, loss of strength, severe hunger, insomnia. The likelihood of such troubles is especially high while observing the methods in which there is no dinner. Falling asleep with an empty stomach, especially if you used to have a lot of supper, can be quite problematic.
  • Alas, many types of effective diets cannot be called balanced in terms of the set of components included in their menu. Therefore, doctors and nutritionists strongly advise against following such diet rules beyond the prescribed time frame. And if the timing of weight loss is not running out for you, choose another, more gentle and loyal way to lose weight.

Reapplying an effective diet

All of the types of effective diets described above should not be repeated until 3-4 months after their completion.

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