Eco-fashion: we will always find a “green” way

It would seem that in the XXI century, in the era of consumerism, there is nothing easier than finding the desired part of the wardrobe. But in fact, most designers and fashion houses work with raw materials that are far from the concept of “animal-friendly”: leather, furs, etc. So what is the solution for a vegetarian who wants not only to be stylish, but also to follow his philosophy towards animals?

Of course, low-cost mass-market brands almost always have items and accessories made from materials that are not related to the animal. You can find shoes made of leatherette, and a fur coat made of synthetics, etc. But the main disadvantage, as a rule, of such things is too low quality, inconvenience and wear and tear.

But do not despair. There are specialized brands of clothing and footwear on the modern market that are ethical in relation to animals, i.e. animal-friendly. And if some brands are not yet represented on the Russian market, then global online stores will help you.

Perhaps one of the most famous and popular clothing brands – “friends of animals” – is Stella McCartney. Stella herself is also a vegetarian, and her creations can be safely added to your wardrobe, being sure that no animals were harmed in their production. The clothes of this brand are stylish, and always in line with all the latest fashion trends. But if you do not have a large budget, then it may be difficult to acquire them, because. the brand’s pricing policy is above average.

A much more affordable clothing brand – A Question Of. The designers of these items are young and promising Danish artists, and the raw materials used are 100% organic cotton, without the use of toxic chemicals, which also has a positive effect on the environment. Here you can find stylish t-shirts, shirts, and sweatshirts for both men and women.

In addition, Eco-fashion has become a very relevant and sought-after phenomenon in the fashion industry. Every year Moscow hosts a specialized Eco-Fashion Week, where designers showcase their creations made from environmentally friendly, animal-friendly materials. Here you can find both things created solely for the sake of showing (that is, not for everyday wear, but rather for a “museum” collection), but also quite “urban”. And the pricing policy at the same time is completely different: therefore, you should definitely look at this event in order to replenish your wardrobe with the “right” things.

For lovers of comfortable and high-quality shoes, you should pay attention to the Portuguese brand Novacas, whose name is translated from Spanish and Portuguese as “no cow”. This brand specializes in ecological and animal-friendly production, produces two lines a year (autumn and spring) for women and men.

Marion Ananias is not only a talented creator of the French shoe brand Good Guys, but also a vegetarian who decided to combine her work with her beliefs. Not only is Good Guys a 100% eco-friendly and animal-friendly brand, but they are incredibly stylish and comfortable loafers, brogues and oxfords! Definitely take on board.

Another inexpensive but high-quality “animal-friendly” shoe brand is Luvmaison. Collections are updated every season, so you can always update your wardrobe on time and inexpensively.

As you can see, it is possible to follow your vegetarian beliefs in clothing as well. Of course, compared to “regular” brands, the choice of adherents of ethical attitude towards animals is not so great, but the world does not stand still. Different cities of the country, the population of our planet began to think more and more often about the environment around us and about their actions in general. If we started thinking about it, then we are already on the right track. Today, we can safely do without food of animal origin: for example, soy has become a wonderful analogue of meat / cheese / milk, while it is much more enriched with valuable protein. Who knows, maybe in the very near future we will also be able to do without things of animal origin, and there will be much more “animal-friendly” brands than at the moment. After all, we – people – have a choice that an animal does not have – to be a “predator” or “herbivore”, and most importantly, science and progress are behind us, which means that we will always find a “green” path for the benefit of our smaller brothers.


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