Do you still love french fries?

To conduct the study, scientists tracked the eating habits of 4440 people aged 45-79 for eight years. The amount of potatoes they ate was analyzed (the number of fried and non-fried potatoes was counted separately). Participants ate potatoes either less than once a month, or two to three times a month, or once a week, or more than three times a week.

Of the 4440 people, 236 participants died by the end of the eight-year follow-up. The researchers did not find an association between eating boiled or baked potatoes and the risk of mortality, but they did notice an association with fast food.

Nutritionist Jessica Cording said she was not surprised by the findings.

“Fried potatoes are a food that is high in calories, sodium, trans fat, and low in nutritional value,” she says. He slowly does his dirty work. Factors such as the amount of food a person consumes and other good or bad eating habits also affect the final results. Eating fries with vegetable salad is much better than eating a cheeseburger.”

Beth Warren, author of Living A Real Life With Real Food, agrees with Cording: “It appears that people who eat French fries at least twice a week are more likely to lead an unhealthy lifestyle.” generally”.

She suggests that the subjects who did not live to see the end of the study died not just from fried potatoes, but in general from bad and low-quality food.

Cording says people don’t have to avoid french fries. Instead, they can safely enjoy it once a month on average, as long as their lifestyle and diet are generally healthy.

A healthier alternative to french fries is homemade baked potatoes. You can lightly drizzle it with olive oil, flavor with sea salt and bake in the oven until golden brown.

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