Do I need to defrost the tongue before cooking

Do I need to defrost the tongue before cooking

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Of course you do. Reasons 3:

1. Safety – the tongue, if not thawed, will not cook evenly – and when the pulp is already cooked on the surface, it will be raw inside. And eating raw foods is harmful. This applies to both pork tongue and beef.

2. Aesthetic reason: even if you cook the tongue longer than necessary, the surface of the tongue will go in tatters, the tongue itself will crumple into something shapeless, and it will not be possible to lay such a tongue when serving.

3. Taste – the consistency of the tongue will be uneven, which is unpleasant in itself: soft along the edges of the slice, and hard in the middle. Not appetizing. Yes, and evenly salt such a product will not work.

Just in case: to quickly defrost the tongue, just place it in warm water for an hour, or hold it in the microwave for 10-15 minutes (just during this time the water boils).

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