Delicious and varied: 10 recipes of lean dishes from “Healthy Food Near Me”


During the days of Great Lent, when almost all the recipes have been tested and you want to somehow diversify the family menu, we suggest you experiment with familiar foods and cook some delicious dishes. In our new selection there are ideas for lunch and dinner, as well as dessert options that will please your family and guests. Choose a recipe to your liking and cook with pleasure!

Lean pies with pickled honey mushrooms

The author Elena suggests trying lean pies with fried onions and pickled honey mushrooms. We will prepare the dough from a mixture of rye and wheat flour, it will turn out a little like cookie dough. And the finished pies will be very crispy. They will perfectly complement a dinner dish, they will be especially good with hot soup.

Lean borscht with beans

If you think that it is impossible to cook delicious borscht without meat, the author hopes to hurry to convince you of the opposite. The abundance of vegetables and seasonings will make the dish, which is loved by many, incredibly fragrant and delicious. Be sure to try this version of borscht!

Lean vegetable stew in pumpkin

Author Victoria suggests cooking a lean vegetable stew in pumpkin: “Pumpkin is a unique product, the benefits of which can be talked about endlessly. I bake it, marinate it, fry it, stew it, and I can just chew it raw, cutting it into thin slices. The fragrant pumpkin pulp is rich in vitamins, minerals and trace elements.”

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Pies with cabbage are lean

What could be tastier than hot homemade cakes?! Do not deny yourself this pleasure during the fast! The author Yaroslav shares with us an excellent recipe that even a novice cook can cope with. It’s time to cook something new, take a note!

Lean pancakes

For all lovers of delicious pancakes, the author Eva has prepared a lean version of this quick homemade treat. Pancakes are prepared with yeast, but without the use of eggs or butter. Serve hot with jam or honey. Have a nice tea party!

Lean pie “Makovka”

Lean cake with poppy seeds turns out very lush and soft. For the filling, you can also use berries or thick jam. To prepare the dough, the author Svetlana takes an eternal leaven. It is important that the dough fits well, so you will need time. But the baking process will take only 30 minutes.

Lean banana muffins with oat flakes

But here is a good option for a post-fight. Cupcakes are not only without eggs and butter, but also practically without sugar. And they are delicious! It will take you no more than 40 minutes to prepare. Thank you for the useful recipe of the author Yaroslav!

Lean rye mini-biscuits with berries

The author Julia shares with us an original recipe: “How about rye biscuits with berries? Fragrant, tender, juicy, light, not at all troublesome, and the result will definitely please you! To reduce the cooking time, you can make one large biscuit or two medium ones. Take any berries, you can also use a filling of apples or pears, after stewing them with sugar and cinnamon. Experiment!”

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Chocolate lean cake with frozen cherries

The author Irina recommends trying a lean chocolate cake. Soaked cakes, the most delicate cream and sauce, for which we use frozen cherries, will turn out very tasty! How do you like the idea? This cake will not only be good on a weekday, but will also complement your holiday with dignity.

Lean cookies with bran and cranberries

Cookies with bran and dried cranberries diversify the lean table. Delicious and healthy pastries. In the process of cooking, the author Natalia used ordinary vegetable oil.

See even more recipes for lean dishes in the “Recipes” section. Cook with pleasure!

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