Cycling and vegetarians

Not everyone has realized the benefits of a vegan diet. Here are some of the sports stars who have ventured into this winning experience.

Sixto Linares set the world record for the longest single-day triathlon and has also shown extraordinary stamina, speed and strength in many charity events. Sixto says he has been experimenting with a milk-and-egg diet for a while (no meat but some dairy and eggs), but now he doesn’t eat eggs or dairy and feels better.

Sixto broke the world record in one-day triathlon by swimming 4.8 miles, cycling 185 miles and then running 52.4 miles.

Judith Oakley: Vegan, cross-country champion and 3-time Welsh champion (mountain bike and cyclocross): “Those who want to win in sports have to find the right diet for themselves. But what does the word “correct” mean in this context?

Food for Champions is an excellent guide that clearly shows why a vegetarian diet gives athletes a significant advantage. I know that my vegan diet is a very important reason for my athletic success.”

Dr Chris Fenn, MD and cyclist (long distance) is one of the leading nutritionists in the UK. Specializes in catering for expeditions. Developed diets for the rigorous expeditions to the North Pole and Everest, including as the highest achievement, the Everest 40 expedition.

“As a sports nutritionist, I have developed diets for British Olympic cross-country and ski biathlon teams, expedition members to the North Pole and Everest. There is no doubt that a good vegetarian diet can provide all the nutrients you need for health, as well as plenty of all the important starchy carbohydrates that fuel your muscles. As a long-distance cyclist, I put theory into practice. Vegetarian foods provided my body with energy the last time I crossed America and traveled from one coast to another, covering a distance of 3500 miles, crossing 4 mountain ranges and changing 4 time zones.

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