Common Energy Vampires

Each of us has experienced a breakdown and the so-called procrastination. “Most people have at least two bad habits that make them feel tired and overwhelmed. The problem is, we often don’t even realize what we’re doing wrong,” says Robert Thayer, professor of psychology at California State University and author of How to Control Your Mood with Eating and Exercise? In this article, Thayer gives some examples of energy vampires and how to get rid of them. Vampire #1: Manic Email/SNS/SMS Checker Admit it: what are emails really, if not constant distractions? If you continually stop work in order to check incoming letters, you will very quickly feel exhausted, without completing all the planned tasks. Even worse, if you have to linger in the office due to endless distractions for correspondence. What to do: Set aside two or three times a day when you check your email. It is even recommended to turn off notifications about the arrival of letters on the screen of your phone. Alert your boss and just ask them to call if necessary. Do you remember that there is still a mobile connection? 🙂 Vampire #2: Negativity from other people You probably know people who constantly complain about life or whose word cannot be pulled out with ticks? In fact, such people suck energy without your knowledge. Perhaps you don’t mind listening to them from time to time. But not every day or even once a week. What to do: It is probably difficult to completely disengage from this type of person (for example, if they are relatives). But you can “turn off the pendulum”. For example, your sister once again begins to complain about how worthless her life is. The best option would be to answer that you understand everything and sympathize with her, but right now you do not have time to discuss. Offer her a phone conversation in a couple of days. Perhaps during this time she will find someone else to download her problems. Vampire #3: Late Wake When the children are already asleep, and household chores are redone, before going to bed, you want to make time for yourself. According to the National Sleep Association, about 3/4 of Americans have trouble sleeping. However, sleeping less than 7-8 hours a night is a sure way to deprive yourself of the energy you need the next day. Your brain remembers more information from the previous day if you get enough sleep. Sleep also improves concentration, so you can complete tasks faster. What to do: If you are staring at the TV, and the clock is late, in this case, you just need to turn it off and go to bed. But if you’re counting sheep while you’re trying to sleep, try turning on soft, relaxing music. In one study, participants improved the quality of their sleep by listening to soothing music.

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