Acupuncture points for a burst of energy

Unlike acupuncture, acupuncture (acupressure) is based on pressing points, specific places on the body with your fingers. Practitioners of traditional Chinese medicine believe that the body’s life force, or qi, flows through invisible channels called meridians. Blockages in the meridians cause disease. According to research, pressure on acupuncture points promotes the release of a natural painkiller – the hormone endorphin – and blocks the transmission of pain signals along the nerves. This helps to alleviate conditions such as insomnia and fatigue. Below are a few points for a quick recovery of strength and energy. Apply firm pressure to the five stimulation points with your thumb or index+middle finger for 3 minutes. Massage clockwise and counterclockwise.                                                    

(1) At the base of the skull, one finger’s breadth from the spine


(2) The point between the knuckles of the thumb and forefinger


(3) The sole of the foot, one third from the toes

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