Coca-Cola launches 4 new flavors

В Coca-seem to want a change. And the line of Coca-Cola Signature Mixers was born. The company promises that with these 4 new flavors, consumers will discover new facets of the taste of a long-familiar drink, as well as enrich their cocktails with dark alcohol. 

Coca-Cola says all mixers were created in partnership with the UK’s finest mixologists – professional cocktail makers. For example, the company invited Max Wenning from Three and Three Sheets (London), Adrianna Chia from Antigua Compañia de Las Indias (Barcelona), Pippa Guy from The American Bar (Savoy), Antonio Naranjo from Dr Stravinksy ”(Barcelona) and Alex Lawrence, former head bartender at Dandelyan (UK), for a curatorial seminar at a secret location in London.

The group began experimenting with numerous ingredients to create “complex flavor compositions” to enhance the original flavor of Coca-Cola.

This is how these tastes were born: 


Coca-Cola Smoky Notes… They were created by Max. An “intensely aromatic” blend featuring subtle hints of oak, ylang ylang, ambrette seeds, dried fruit and warm brown spices, adds a touch of nuance to deep spicy rums and bold premium whiskeys.

Coca-cola Spicy Notes… Designed in collaboration with Adriana and Pippa, it is complex and fiery. Lime, ginger, jalapeno, rosemary and jasmine combine to create a spice mixer for rum, aged or golden tequila and spicy or sweet whiskey.

Coca-cola Herbal Notes… Created in partnership with Antonio. Blended with dill leaves, citrus and lemongrass for a “refreshing taste”, the drink was designed to be blended with amber whiskey and most rum varieties. Coca-Cola also recommends pairing Herbal with premium vodka.

Coca-cola Woody Notes… Created with Alex to enhance golden rum and whiskey from smoky to woody, the liquid contains a subtle blend of earthy patchouli, citrus yuzu and aromatic basil.

How to drink them 

Ana Amura, Senior Brand Manager for Coca-Cola in the UK, stated that Coca-Cola has always been a part of cocktail culture and history, from the Cuba Libre of the 1900s to some of the world’s finest cocktails today. And the complex flavored mixes are a good addition to dark spirits like whiskey and rum. 

Recall, earlier we talked about how Coca-Cola can be an excellent marinade for pork. 

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