World War I wine found on sunken ship

About 50 bottles of spirits were found in British waters from a British ship that sank off the coast of Cornwall in 1918. 

The vessel on which the antique bottles were found is a British cargo ship sailing from Bordeaux to the UK and was torpedoed by a German submarine.

Some of the bottles that were found were intact. Experts who attended the initial dive suggest that they contain brandy, champagne and wine.

Now researchers are carrying out cartographic and geodetic work in order to extract bottles of alcohol to be taken to land. The rescue expedition is led by British adventure travel company Cookson Adventures.


When this treasure is brought to land, it will go to the University of Burgundy (France) and the National Maritime Museum of Cornwall (UK) for further study.

After all, according to experts, this is an extremely interesting project, and there is no doubt that the alcohol samples from the sunken ship will be of great historical importance. Before this find, so many rare alcoholic beverages had never been found in UK waters.

The researchers emphasize that the value of the cargo found on the ship is unprecedented, and they hope to recover the unique artifacts from the bottom safe and sound. But already now their cost is estimated at several million pounds sterling.

We will remind, earlier we talked about the underwater restaurant, which opened in Norway, as well as what scientists think about the usefulness of alcohol. 

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