Cleansing the liver with raisins

Simple yet gentle detoxification methods include a raisin liver cleanse. A fragrant and tasty product, which is dried grapes, has a lot of useful properties. All that is needed in order to feel its healing power on yourself is to prepare a decoction according to a simple recipe.

Benefits of a raisin peel

Raisins are nutritious dried fruits with a balanced complex of nutrients. Judge for yourself: it contains proteins, carbohydrates, fats, vitamins A, B, C, E, H, folic acid, some trace elements (iron, zinc, selenium, calcium, magnesium, sodium). But, most importantly, it has inulin – an unusual substance with amazing abilities:

  • enhance the regenerative properties of tissues;
  • remove toxins from the body;
  • strengthen the immune system;
  • positively influence the functioning of the liver.

Also raisins are prized for their soft choleretic action: it cleans the ducts, removing biological poisons and other harmful compounds accumulated over the years of productive work of organs (liver and gallbladder).

It is worth noting that for people with serious illnesses, this gentle cleaning is unlikely to significantly help, while those who carry it out as a preventive method – quite.


The effectiveness of the procedure largely depends on the state of the digestive system. That is why it is recommended to start it after cleansing the intestines. If it is not possible to use various methods, you can try to consume fiber as often as possible during the month. It is found in vegetables and fruits, especially cabbage, apples, bananas, oranges, beets and other fruits.

It is also important to exclude contraindications to the procedure by specially visiting a doctor for this purpose. He will conduct an ultrasound scan and, based on the results obtained, he will allow or prohibit detoxification. As a rule, it is contraindicated:

  1. 1 in the presence of gallstone disease (gallstones);
  2. 2 stomach ulcers and duodenal ulcers;
  3. 3 diabetes mellitus;
  4. 4 heart failure;
  5. 5 respiratory tract diseases;
  6. 6 tuberculosis.

By the way, in the course of the study, the doctor can identify other obstacles to cleaning, so you should not ignore the recommendation of going to him.

How to choose raisins

Choosing the right product is half the battle. For cleaning, you need to take small, wrinkled, matte (no gloss), clean, whole raisins of medium hardness. Just because it most likely hasn’t been processed:

  • sulfurous anhydrite (E220)used in the process of making wine for bleaching;
  • glycerin or another fatty mixture to add shine to the dried grapes.

You should also consider the smell of dried fruit. There should be no dampness, sweetness, gasoline aroma, which may indicate a violation of the rules for processing or storing the product.

Choosing between raisins with stalks (tails) and without, it is better to give preference to the first. To some extent, the presence of such elements may indicate the degree of freshness of the treat.

Simplified cleaning option: raisin broth

You will need:

  • 150 g raisins;
  • 400 ml water.

Mix prepared dried fruits (soaked in warm water for 15 minutes, and then additionally washed) with water and bring to a boil. Cook over low heat for 20 minutes, then send to infuse overnight. Strain the mixture in the morning and slightly warm it up. Drink in the morning on an empty stomach 35 minutes before meals for four days in a row. Experts do not give the exact dosage of the medicine, simply mentioning that a fresh broth should be prepared every morning. It is sufficient to detoxify this way once a month.

Infusion for cleansing the liver

The right ingredients:

  • raisins – 0,5 tbsp.;
  • boiled warm water – about 400 ml.

Pour water to the brim into a glass with raisins and leave everything to infuse for 24 hours. It is better to prepare the product in the morning, so that on the morning of the next day, on an empty stomach, drink the contents of the glass and eat all the dried fruits remaining in it. Then you need to lie on the bed, applying a heating pad to the right hypochondrium for 2 hours. The heat emanating from it will expand the ducts and contribute to the speedy excretion of bile.

Preventive course – 1 month, during which 4 times will need to be “cleaned” (1 time per week).

Rosehip syrup recipe


  • boiled water – 1,5 l;
  • raisins – 1 tbsp.;
  • buckthorn – 50 gr.;
  • rosehip syrup – 2 tablespoons.

All of the above, except for rosehip syrup, combine and put on low heat for 20 minutes. Set aside the resulting product for 2 hours, drain, and then mix with 1 liter of water and rosehip syrup. As a result, you should get 2 liters of infusion, which must be stored in the refrigerator and consumed warm (1 tbsp. Before bedtime) until it ends.

In addition to detoxification, it also promotes slight weight loss.

Carrot recipe

In combination with raisins, the product has a positive effect on the liver and gallbladder, improving their work, promoting tissue regeneration, ridding organs of harmful toxic compounds.

To prepare the broth you will need:

  • carrots – 1 kg (it is better to take rich orange fruits);
  • raisins – 1 kg;
  • clean water – 2,5 liters.

Rinse the carrots, cut into rings. Add dried fruits to it and fill the mixture with water. Put the container on fire, and bring its contents to a boil. Reduce the gas and boil everything over low heat for 90 minutes, stirring occasionally. Cool and drain, and squeeze the fruits. Store the broth and cake in the cold separately in a glass.

Eat cake every day in the morning on an empty stomach for 2 tbsp. spoons. At night, drink half a glass of warm broth. “Clean” in this way for 14 days every 6 – 12 months.


During preparation for cleaning and at the time of its implementation, you must exclude from the menu:

  • alcohol;
  • fatty, fried, spicy, smoked;
  • sweet, flour;
  • fast food.

It is better to reduce the consumption of protein products (meat, fish, eggs). Instead, you need to increase the amount of cereals and dairy products eaten. Along the way, you should observe the drinking regime (drink up to 2 liters of liquid per day). It is also important to stay calm and avoid stressful situations.

Cleansing the liver with raisins is a quick and effective way to prevent many diseases. After it is carried out, you do not need to adhere to a special diet. If you wish, you can simply consume 100 g of raisins daily, thereby regularly rejuvenating and improving your body.

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