Why don’t we have… tea? Interesting Facts About Japanese Matcha Tea

 Why do you need to know what matcha is? There are really many reasons, and we chose eight the most important.

 1. Matcha is a super antioxidant. One cup of matcha has about 10 times more antioxidants than 10 cups of regular green tea, according to a study from the University of Colorado.

The amount of antioxidants in matcha is 6,2 times greater than in goji berries; 7 times more than in dark chocolate; 17 times more than in blueberries; 60,5 times more than spinach.

 2.      Matcha is indispensable for the prevention and treatment of various diseases. – from poisoning and colds to cancerous tumors. Since matcha is not brewed, but whipped with a whisk (more on that below), 100% of all useful substances and elements, including catechins, which play a major role in preventing and fighting cancer, enter our body.

 3.      Matcha preserves youth, improves skin color and condition. Thanks to its antioxidants, matcha fights aging ten times more effectively than vitamins A and C. One cup of matcha is more effective than servings of broccoli, spinach, carrots or strawberries.

 4.      Matcha normalizes blood pressure. This tea strengthens the walls of blood vessels and normalizes blood pressure and the functioning of the cardiovascular system as a whole. Matcha also lowers cholesterol, insulin and blood glucose levels. People with high blood pressure and the elderly are especially recommended GABA or gabaron matcha – matcha with a high content of gamma-aminobutyric acid (English GABA, Russian GABA).

 5.      Matcha helps in weight loss. Drinking green tea initiates the process of thermogenesis (heat production) and increases energy expenditure and fat burning, while saturating the body with beneficial substances and minerals. Studies have shown that the rate of fat burning during sports immediately after drinking a cup of matcha increases by 25%.

 6.     Matcha removes toxins from the body and significantly reduces the negative effects of radiation. 

 7.      Matcha fights stress and stimulates mental activity. Matcha is the tea of ​​Buddhist monks who drank it before many hours of meditation to maintain a calm mind and concentration.

 8.     Matcha boosts immunity and energizes.


Brewing matcha tea is very easy. Much easier than loose leaf tea.   

What you need: bamboo whisk, bowl, bowl, strainer, teaspoon

How to brew: Sift half a teaspoon of matcha with top through a strainer into a bowl, add 60-70 ml of boiled water, cooled to 80 ° C, beat with a whisk until foamy.

Matcha, drunk in the MORNING instead of coffee, will energize for several hours. Drinking tea AFTER MEAL will give you a feeling of fullness, help you digest what you eat and keep you energized. AT ANY TIME DURING THE DAY, a match will help increase concentration and “stretch the brain”

 But even that is not all. It turns out that you can drink matcha, but you can … eat it!


 There are many recipes with matcha green tea, we would like to share our favorites – delicious and healthy, and at the same time not complicated at all. Matcha green tea pairs very well with a variety of milks (including soy, rice, and almond), as well as banana and honey. Imagine and experiment to your liking!

1 банан

1 glass of milk (250ml)

0,5-1 teaspoon matcha

Grind all ingredients in a blender. Smoothie for a great start to the day is ready!

You can also add other ingredients to taste, such as oatmeal (3-4 tablespoons) 


Cottage cheese (or any fermented milk thermostatic product)

Cereals, bran, muesli (any, to taste)

Honey (brown sugar, maple syrup)


Put the cottage cheese and grains in layers, pour over with honey and sprinkle with matcha to taste.

Excellent breakfast! Great start to the day!



2 eggs

1 cup whole wheat flour (250ml cup)

½ cup brown sugar

½ cup cream 33%

1 teaspoon matcha

0,25 teaspoon soda

A little lemon juice or apple cider vinegar (to extinguish the soda), a little oil (to grease the mold)

At all steps it is necessary to mix the dough well, it is better if you use a mixer.

– Beat the eggs with sugar until a fluffy white mass forms. It is advisable to use fine sugar, it is even better to grind it into powder in a coffee grinder in advance, this will provide the dough with better germination;

– Add a teaspoon of matcha to the flour and sift into the eggs;

– Extinguish the soda and add to the dough;

– Pour in the cream;

– Pour the dough into a greased mold;

– Bake at 180C until done (~ 40 minutes);

– The finished cake must be cooled. 




Brown sugar (or honey)


To prepare 200 ml latte you need:

– Prepare 40 ml of matcha. To do this, you need to take ~ 1/3 teaspoon of matcha. Water for making matcha should not be hotter than 80°C to retain all the benefits of tea;

– In a separate bowl, beat with sugar (honey) preheated to 40 ° -70 ° C (but not higher!) Milk until a thick bulky foam is formed. It is good to do this with an electric whisk or in a blender.

To obtain, pour the frothed milk into the prepared matcha.

To get frothed milk, carefully pour the cooked matcha along the edge of the dish.

For beauty, you can lightly sprinkle matcha tea on top.



Ice-cream ice-cream (without additives!) Sprinkle Matcha green tea on top. Very tasty and beautiful dessert!

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