Childbirth: how to use suspensions

In the Nordic countries, delivery rooms have long been equipped with fabric lianas hanging from the ceiling. This practice is developing more and more in France. Concretely : you can, during work, hang from lianas hanging from the ceiling. This posture relieves pain due to contractions. It will allow you to naturally stretch your back, without making any effort.

These long slings are generally placed above the delivery table but also above the ball or the bathtub. The midwife will show you how to use them. Note: the harness or scarf which goes under the armpits, reduces tension in the shoulders and facilitates suspension. This equipment is preferable to ropes or rails. With this type of mobile suspension, you risk pulling and pulling too much on the arms. In this case, there is no longer any benefit.

The suspension frees the perineum

The suspension allows you to adopt relaxing positions during work. It also facilitates childbirth. This posture frees the pelvis and gives it the opportunity to open sideways and backwards. Gravity helps the baby move down into the womb when it is fully engaged, and pushes down on the cervix while the baby is still up. Suspension can be used at the time of expulsion when you feel the urge to push. Good to know: the first delivery table with integrated suspension is now available on the market. Designed to allow mobility, it adapts to the morphology of the mother while taking into account the needs of the care team and the imperatives of safety. Hopefully many maternity hospitals will order it!

The nursing pillow 

Do not be fooled by its name, this accessory will be very useful to you during pregnancy and the day of childbirth. The micro-ball cushion is a relatively basic positioning tool that you can place, as you wish, under the head, under a leg, behind the back… It complements the equipment offered in the maternity ward. Choose it with good quality balls. The “Corpomed” cushions are a benchmark.

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