Atypical childbirth: mothers testify

I gave birth with my mother

Her parents arrived at the maternity ward before her husband. A young mother from Infobabies tells us about her first childbirth, alongside her mother …

“Arrested for a pathological pregnancy, I managed to last 37 weeks. Following yet another cervical check, I lost the mucous plug the next morning. And a few hours later… the waters on my couch.

I immediately called 112 who sent me the fire department because they thought it was a false alarm. I also warned my husband and my parents who arrived faster than my partner at the maternity ward.

I was already 8 dilated when the midwives examined me. They then suggested that my mother come with me.

She helped me very well even though she herself has not had a vaginal birth or without an epidural. She had two Caesarean sections under general anesthesia.

I was happy that my mom was present because it is an intense moment. As for the dad, he arrived 15 minutes before the end, quietly, since everyone had told him that a childbirth took a long time … “


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