Beets are tasty, juicy and healthy

During the growing season, beets accumulate a large amount of nitrates. Nitrates are salts and esters of nitric acid, ammonium, etc. Harmful only in high concentrations. They are used in medicine, agriculture and other fields of human activity.

Benefits of beetroot juice to reduce blood pressure

Studies have shown that the nitrates found in the root crop lower blood pressure! London scientists have found that 1 glass of beetroot juice a day can significantly reduce blood pressure in a person suffering from hypertension.

Melbourne scientists found that 0,5 liters of beetroot juice lowered blood pressure 6 hours after drinking it. Medical scientists believe that it would be possible to reduce mortality from cardiovascular diseases by using beets for treatment.

The effect of beets on human health

Substances found in the root crop increase the body’s endurance and its resistance to many diseases.

The use of beets stops the development of dementia (acquired dementia), and can stop the growth of tumors. Statistics show a decrease of up to 12,5% ​​in the growth of breast tumors in women and prostate tumors in men.

There are contraindications when using beets – problems with the gastrointestinal tract and impaired liver function. However, with minor violations, nutritionists still recommend eating the root crop for food and for treatment, because. It helps to neutralize toxins accumulated in the body.

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