Art calls for separate collection

“A couple of months ago, we once again started talking about separate waste collection. Such conversations in our company occur regularly, someone will definitely begin to prove that “then all the same, all the garbage is dumped in one heap, so what’s the point.” The second popular position usually sounds something like this: “When they pass the law, they put the tank in my yard, then I will rent it separately, until there are no conditions – sorry.” Many have a desire to start sorting waste, but there is no clear understanding of how it works. Together with the creators of the USTA K STAM clothing brand, we decided to sort out the issue on our own and check how it works, ”says .


To draw attention to the issue of separate collection, photographer Maria Pavlovskaya and the creators of the clothing brand arranged a photo shoot with the participation of well-known St. Petersburg performers, artists, founders of the AKHE Engineering Theater. It was attended by Maxim Isaev and Pavel Semchenko and actress Gala Samoilova. All three are not only theatrical figures, but also radical eco-activists who have long been involved in the problem of separate waste collection and recycling.


The AXE theater is famous for using household products in the scenography of its performances, thus giving many things a second life, for example, backstage made of plastic or weights made of plastic bottles. The issue of separate collection is an important aspect in the life of the theater, and the artists try to follow their eco-principles. 

Two weeks ago, the AKHE theater began raising funds for a new theater venue called POROCH. Among the bonuses for contributions are two options for a designer eco-bag made of banner fabric. The peculiarity is that everyone can choose the part of the banner they like, from which the bag will be sewn. 

You can support the AKHE Engineering Theater and purchase a bag at this link:

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