World Recycling Day: How to change the world for the better

Recycling is one of the best ways to make a positive impact on the world we live in. The amount of waste that people create is constantly increasing. People are buying more food, new packaging materials are being developed, most of which are non-biodegradable, lifestyle changes and “fast food” means we are constantly creating new waste.

Why is recycling important?

Garbage releases harmful chemicals and greenhouse gases. Destruction of animal habitats and global warming are just some of the consequences of this. Garbage disposal can reduce the need for raw materials, saving forests. By the way, a huge amount of energy is spent on the production of this very raw material, while processing requires much less, and it helps to save natural resources.

Waste recycling is important for people themselves. Think about it: by 2010, almost every landfill in the UK was filled to the brim. Governments spend a lot of money on the production of new raw materials, but not on waste recycling, while it is precisely this that can save budgets.

By taking small but important steps towards a greener future, we can preserve natural resources for future generations and leave a green footprint behind us.

Get yourself one bottle of water

Many of us buy bottled water every day. Everyone has heard that drinking plenty of water is good for health. In this case, it’s good for you, but bad for the environment. Plastic bottles take over 100 years to decompose! Get a reusable bottle that you use to fill your home with filtered water. In addition to the fact that you will stop throwing away a huge amount of plastic, you will also save on buying water.

Carry food in containers

Instead of buying ready-made takeaway food from cafes and restaurants at lunchtime, take it from home. It’s easy to cook a little more to last the next day or spend 15-30 minutes cooking in the evening or in the morning. In addition, the purchase of any, even the most expensive food container, will pay off quickly. You will notice how you will spend much less money on food.

Buy grocery bags

You can kill two birds with one stone in the case of grocery bags. Now in many stores you can buy eco-friendly bags, which, moreover, will last much longer. Plus, you do not have to think every time that the bag is about to break, because the bag is much stronger and more reliable.

Buy large containers of groceries

Instead of buying packs of pasta, rice, shampoo, liquid soap, and more over and over again, get in the habit of buying large packs. Buy containers for storing various foods at home and pour or overflow them. It’s greener, more convenient and more economical for your wallet.

Use containers for separate waste collection

In Moscow and other large cities, special containers for separate waste collection are beginning to appear. If you see them on the way, it is better to use them. Throw away the glass bottle in one container, and the paper packaging from the sandwich in another.

Take a look at products made from recycled materials

Notebooks, books, packaging, clothes – now you can find a lot of things made from recycled materials. And it’s nice that such things look beautiful! It is better to finance such companies than those that do not even think about recycling.

Collect and donate plastic

It’s physically hard not to buy products without plastic. Yoghurts, vegetables and fruits, bread, drinks – all this needs packaging or a bag. The way out is to collect such garbage in a separate bag and hand it over for recycling. This may seem difficult only at first. In Russia, a large number of companies have appeared that accept for recycling not only plastic or glass, but rubber, chemicals, wood, and even cars. For example, “Ecoline”, “Ecoliga”, “Gryphon” and many others that can be easily found via the Internet.

Unfortunately, many people think that one person will not have an impact on a global problem, which is fundamentally wrong. By doing these simple actions, each individual can positively impact the environment. Only together we can change the world for the better.


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