Apple Day in England

or on the coming weekend in England Apple Day ( Day is an annual apple, orchard and local sightseeing event sponsored by the Common Ground charity since 1990.

The organizers believe that Apple Day is a celebration and demonstration of the diversity and richness of nature, as well as an incentive and a sign to the fact that we ourselves are able to influence the changes taking place around. The idea of ​​the Day is that an apple is a symbol of physical, cultural and genetic diversity, which a person should not forget about.

On Apple Day, you can see and taste hundreds of different varieties of apples, and many of the varieties available are not available in regular stores. Nursery employees offer to buy rare varieties of apple trees. Often the apple identification service is involved in the holiday, which will determine what kind of apple you brought from the garden. And with the “apple doctor” you can discuss all the problems of the apple trees in your garden.

There are many drinks during the party, from fruit and vegetable chutney to apple juice and cider. Demonstrations of making hot and cold apple dishes are often held. Sometimes experts give lessons on pruning and shaping the crown, as well as grafting apple trees. Various games, archery at apples and “apple” stories are very popular at the holiday.


On the day of the holiday, there is a competition for the longest strip of peel (The Longest Peel Competition), which is obtained by peeling an apple. The competition is held both for manual apple peeling and for cleaning with a machine or other device.

The longest apple peel is listed in the Guinness Book of Records. The world record says: the record for the longest unbreakable apple peel belongs to the American Kathy Walfer, who peeled an apple for 11 hours and 30 minutes and received the peel 52 meters 51 centimeters long. The record was set in 1976 in New York.

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